Autoflower flowering too early ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bogdan1213121, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. 20190803_141136.jpg 20190803_141154.jpg 20190803_141215.jpg 20190803_141146.jpg 20190803_141309.jpg 20190803_141409.jpg 20190803_141136.jpg 20190803_141154.jpg 20190803_141215.jpg 20190803_141146.jpg 20190803_141309.jpg 20190803_141409.jpg 20190803_141136.jpg 20190803_141136.jpg My three weeks old plants flowering too early ?
  2. What are breeder and strain?
  3. No, it's genetics. I've had some auto's do that as well. You just got a hold of some funky genetics that are not stable, by the looks of it.
  4. Why it's imperative to have good lights on a 20/4 light schedule! Most of my autos are yielding between 2-4 zips due to good lighting allowing them to get big quick

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  5. Auto AK 47 and Auto Amnesia
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  6. No, 3 weeks is spot on man, that's the norm
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  7. It's totally normal. This is why I prefer to have my autos indoors on 24 hours lights. I took over my friends plant which was auto, he had been having it in the sunlight (I live in a cold country) and it entered flowering phase at your size
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  8. Right on time and not much time left. I'd be cleaning jars.
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  9. I would get them in to bigger pots asap because they'll need the extra room when they start the stretch. You don't want to restrict their growth otherwise they'll finish tiny
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  10. Next time you do autos start them in their final pot. 5-7 gal. You won’t get that “shock” from transplant stunting the growth during the short and all important veg stage with autos.
  11. My experiments with autos tell me, container size more than anything affects the final size of plant. I spent a lot of time googling to find short strains. Now I see I can grow anything small in a one gallon bag. So, growers looking to keep plants small should consider smaller containers. When I was growing autos in 10 gallon air-pots I found that they would max out at about 7 gallons. When I was growing in 5 gallon I compared side by side direct sow in 5 gallon all perlite, to 1 liter then 5 gallon, and there really was no comparison. The myth is the taproot explores depth and decides what to do? IDK, my direct sow vastly beat the transplants, at least with autos.
  12. I start my autos in 1 litre pots and after 2-3 weeks I put them in 10 litre pots. I get the biggest yields this way. I've seen tonnes of growers starting in pots that are too big and over watering as a result, and slowing growth. It's not the best way for everyone
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  13. Wow that flowered really early, probably just bad genetics on that one unfortunately. If there was any added stress during the initial few weeks it could have triggered an early flower as well
  14. My reasoning was, I could really give them all the veg formula they need with no concern for the medium, and then at 28 days transplant to 5 gallon of fresh virgin medium. But my real world results didn't pan out. Perhaps I should have transplanted sooner. But mainly, I learned how to not over feed.

  15. Possibly. A good rule of thumb is to transplant when the tips of the leaf blades reach out passed the rim of the pot. Once you're at this point, roots are becoming restricted and it best to move them up. With my 1 litre pots, this is usually about 2 weeks. Flowering begins at 3 weeks so I'd recommend transplanting before this point even if the initial pot isn't as small as mine

    Small pots give you a fast wet/dry cycle and this is what gets that important air to the roots.
    Again, it's not for everyone but it certainly works for me and I'd recommend it to anyone who is at risk of watering their soil too often
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  16. That's very sound advice and all this talk about transplant shock is nonsense imo. If you have a healthy plant with a good root structure and you transplant at the correct time, they won't skip a beat and grow faster than if started in the final container with the chance of overwatering.
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  17. agree, I got to setting my fabric bags on a screen before watering/feeding. I'm in pure perlite. At first I would sit for about 15 minutes. Now I'm more like 4 to 8 hours sitting dry on a screen. I got the idea from googling the rock wool block growers. They like to get dry. That is why I like the small bags I can lift.
    otherwise, An auto seed planted in a 5 gallon bag of perlite will fill the whole bag with roots, So, not sure what the benefit of transplanting really is. I would say transplanting is more of a space saving strategy rather than a superior growing strategy.
    The fact that I was mainlining them in a 1 liter air-pot probably didn't help. At anyrate, I pushed it till I found my breaking point.
  18. My gorilla glue did that as well, I was pretty shocked but it's looking great today 1564920690941.jpg

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  19. 7 gallon is best. This year 1.5 months into my auto grow. I had the fabric pots next to each other touching and the roots came out the side of the pot and grew into the next one. That was in a 5 gallon smart pot. I think your spot on buddy .

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