Autoflower Fan Leaves Premature Yellowing?

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    I have 2 autoflowers in a "ghetto" grow box I made using the stacked rubbermaid method, CFLs, pc fans, hell even a homemade air conditioner which has kept my temps around 80F (otherwise would be sitting at 90). So far everything has been going smoothly, except this yellowing of leaves that has gradually worked its way up from the bottom fan leaves. 
    At first (with my minimal AF, and even PP experience) I assumed this was occurring naturally as the plant is around day 35, and just at the end of pre-flowering. I also just flushed a few hours ago, have been using a seaweed based fertilizer for vegging and the start of flower, then will be using a tiger bloom or whatever I can get my hands on locally for flowering stage. Also been using an organic potting soil from Pikes Nurseries. Although, in past experience this seems quite early for this to happen, also noticed a single hair turning amber already, also seems a bit premature and odd as its the only one that is orange.
    So is this a nitrogen/ chemical imbalance/ nutrient lockout/ disease or just a natural occurrence?
    By the way one of the plants is a runt or mutant plant likely due to the seed casing being stuck on the sprout for a few days until I had to remove it manually. Not sure if these pics are going to show up so bear with me. Thanks in advanced to anyone who can shed some light on this possible issue.

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