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    So I'm going to start tomorrow with a top fed dwc 4x4x6.6 tent with a 600w mh/hps with 440 cfm exhaust

    This is my 1st time. Is this tent/light big enough to fit 5 amnesia haze autoflowers from ILGM in there with maximum yield? I just want to maximize all the space in my tent
    I'm new and have no clue anybody have an estimate of yield?

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  2. 600 is plenty for those 5 autos. if you want, you could always add CFL's on the sides/lower for more light.
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    Could you give an estimate of yield? Would I be better off with photos?

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    i'm assuming you got the seeds from a bank..
    the yield they post consists of 1000w hps per m2
    So at least half the yield they post per plant. you could get more with the added CFLs
    and the pheno is up to you.. it varies grower by grower.
    some people prefer autos, some feminized
  5. I appreciate the advice bro. Have you ever grown autos if so what was your max yield? It's just all this down talk of autos has me rethinking it saying their not as potent or as little as 14g a plant. My expectations are way higher than that

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  6. I've seen an auto yield almost 100 dried grams personally, but you have to think about it logically.
    Really the only reason to grow autos are:
     -Fast, easy grows
     -can be grown in almost any climate and most have good mold resistance
     -small and discreet
    **that is to say, I do not believe Autoflowering strains are novelty at all, that is just one of the opinions of them out there.
    I've grown a few before myself, and the flower was very potent. even the smallest yielding one I had (8grams dried) tasted amazing and had very potent nugs..
    Another thing is, you cannot clone Autoflowering strains, so each seed only has 1 go around.
    They are easy to maintain, and most growers keep it on 18/6 from start to finish, others 24/0 from start to finish.
    for outdoor, just watch the temperature. I know it's later in the year and frost is coming in most areas.
    They don't require any nutrients at all, although some growers have used very small amounts towards the end to try and 'boost' the auto, but I personally think that is an unnecessary waste of nutrients.
    Just make sure for soil grows to have very airy mixture. I don't have any advice for hydro setups, I've never grown hydro on my own.
  7. Well again thanks for the input man. I just can hope everything goes good.

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  8. Veg is most important in geting autos off to a kick-ass yeild off of em.. Your light is good enough for 5 just remember to add co2 some how. Keep temps and ph at consistants. Keep enough tiny bubbles in those buckets for proper nutrient uptake. I run two stones per 4 to 3.5 g of nutrient solution. For Veg a person can go 24/7 or 18/8 or 20/4. Autos have no flower photo peroid.So for scrogs and plant manipulators they can yeild on par with fem, if done properly and with sufficent light and aptnosphere. My personal expirence with auto was with GHS Kalashnikova auto. T-5 + 4 100w cfl. Using following methods of traing this one plant from seed. Topping, multi branching training using 3x3 inch mesh to open the canopy. Lollypopping, undergrowth pruned out to ensure sufficient nutrients were going to proposed bud sites. Veg cycle was maintained for approx 3-5 weeks. Flower nutes were added to fixed basic nutrient feed program (Lucas) 8-10. GH M-B. The humidity stayed the same through out the entire grow. 50%. Flower nutes include GH Floralicious 5ml per gal. Florialicious plus. 2ml per gal. To add for the first three weeks of "Flower" we added Big Bud from AN. That is all. For the Veg I forgot to mention that White Widdow Myco was used but discontinued into flower. Your yeild per plant realistically could be anywhere from 6-8 OZs if spread properly and sufficient light could be provided to side and blow canopy bud sites. Tricome production should be a focus in that the plant will tell you if it needs more nutes to keep producing due to the rise and fall of EC during regular maintinence. Kalashnikova produced 5 ozs wet and 4.5 pure enjoyable White frost covered calixes that produced a deep pine aroma, kinda like a pine tree air freshner that a trucker uses. The sugar from the fan leaves made it kind of hard to prune it down when eliminating fan leaves for better air circulation in and under the canopy. Wow what a smoke. Heavy narcotic effect made you feel as if gravity pulled you deeper into your chair. It could have been better had it been cured properly. Your set up sounds proper, you have all the tools and equipment to test the boundaries of your growing art. Much luck and success in your grow as I have one in progress as well and wish all that work to bring our Lords gift into this world to make it a better place, I salute you.

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