autoflower crowd: best yielding genetics?

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  1. just looking for some input form folks with recent or semi-recent autoflower experience - what genetics produced the most for you? general googling keeps on taking me to opinions and threads from like 2010, heh. thanks ahead of time!
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    Dutch passion genetics are some of the best yielding autos you can find. Memphisito supposedly has some nice yielding strains as well, but I haven’t tried them personally. There is a message board out there dedicated to auto flowers that has some great info on other breeders.

    They may not be the best yielders but some other auto breeders I like are:
    Sweet Seeds
    Female Seeds
    Paradise Seeds
    Barney’s Farm
  3. thanks. dutch passion seemed pretty refined and put-together as far as online presence and general googling, at least to my layperson's eyes.

    i tried reading some stuff on AFN but it is pretty spotty. plus, i like it here better. lol. just seems more chill.
  4. Hey all, this is my first post so I hate it to be a partially negative one ha ha, but I would stay away from Good Buzz genetics. I had ordered Girl Scout Autos made by Good Buzz. Out of the whole batch I had two sprout.....One ended up being a male and the only one I have left is now 6 feet tall and not flowered.....It was germinated in May. Its not an auto ha ha. The wholesaler was very good to me and resent the batch. They have done a lot better then the first; however a buddy of mine ordered some autos off Barneys Farm and has had 100% germination rate and they are healthy and strong. They cost more than Good Buzz, however when I restart my grow room up this winter and for my outdoor grow next spring, I am going to bite the bullet and get the better seeds.

    This is my first grow so i'm a newbie in the purist form. I have some autos and photos outdoors right now and am really enjoying the learning process. I am a member of another site and very active with it but ran across this one and it seems very informative! Cant wait to learn from you all.
  5. I grew auto Toof Decay from Mephisto Genetics and really enjoyed the smoke.....itll put out a decent yield if you treat her right.

    I currently have some auto White Widow from 2 of them are on day 39 and they seem as though they are gonna give me a very decent yield.

    I had a private message with another member on here who also grew 2 White Widow Autos from and they produced 10oz for him.
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  6. Wow 10 ounces on a couple autos! Thats awesome. Ill have to check that out.
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  7. My last three runs have all been Sensi Seeds Skunk Auto.

    Got roughly 6.5 oz buds in jars, and a couple of oz to cook with, from each plant.

    ~20 oz from three seeds, that was £16 well spent.

    Always had 100% germ rate from Sensi.

    Genetics are only half of it, the rest of it is environment and plant husbandry.

    My setup with those three magic beans was:

    57 liter / 12.5 gallon fabric pot.
    Plant Magic+ Soil Supreme and perlite.
    Draining tray, custom built table with run off capture container underneath.
    210w cob light, from sprout to sawing down, yes I needed a saw on the last one!
    24 hours of light, no dark period except just before harvest.
    BioBizz feed, mainly fishmix.
    55cm deep x 85cm wide x 180cm high space.
    Lined with standard black / white sheeting.
    Cheap 4" carbon filter and fan.
    Dirt cheap 6" circulation fan.

    One plant at a time, just a little tucking, bending and training.

    Current run is an Original Sensible White Crystal Meth Auto, same setup as above, she's doing great so far; the only differences being she's growing in organic coconut coir instead of a bagged mix, she's getting CalMag with every feed, plus this time around I'm doing the PH thing as the last three all had some deficincies in bloom which effected yield.

    There's probably a "post your auto yeild" thread around here somewhere, if not might be a good idea to start it off to see what genetics and setups folks are using, and what they're jarring at the end of it all.
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  8. Thanks! I looked for a thread like that but struck out. But...I suck at searching forums and stuff so who knows lol.
  9. The biggest autos I've grown are
    00 Seed bank's Chocolate Skunk,
    Dutch Passion's Daiquiri Lime, and
    Dutch Passion's critical orange punch.

    All 3 gave me 7 ounces each.
    Dutch Passion's consistently gives good yields, and Dinafem's xxl range does too but I haven't gotten any 7 ounce plants from those yet

    An honourable mention would be Auto Seeds' Chemdog. It gives consistently good yields and it's always good quality. But not quite 7 ounces yet. I think 5 or 6 I've had a few times
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  10. thats awesome! what kind of setup do you run?
  11. Right now I have two 4'x2.5' tents, one with a 420w quantum board panel but currently dimmed to 200w, and the other has a MarsHydro SP-250 LED running at full 250w

    But when i grew the chocolate skunk I had it under an air cooled HPS running at 600w, and it was grown DWC.

    I think the lime Daiquiri was under a Mars Pro II Epistar 320 running 660w and in a 28 litre pot of soil

    The critical orange punch was under the Mars SP-250 LED in a 10 litre pot soil
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  12. thanks for the response. that just seems like a frigging huge yield on a single auto plant. thats kinda why im asking around. im a noob taking my first shot at this, but trying to figure out what to expect. tons of stuff out there says that 50-100g on a single auto is normal. it's hard to know what to believe, lol.
  13. It varies a lot between growers and lights. Those three that produced 200g each for me were very much a rarity. I have grown maybe 50 autos since that chocolate skunk and most give me about 2-4 ounces. But I do squeeze quite a few plants in to a small area. I do this so I don't have to train them. It lowers the yeild per plant but there is a higher number of them

    What size if your grow area and what lights are you using?
  14. We got 12 ounces jarred from two plants... under eight T5s !!
    2' x 4' space
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  15. Great set up, well balanced. What wattage are you running the lights at?
    You'll have enough light and space for those plants to reach their full potential, all you have to do is keep the soil moisture right, the nutrient concentration right, the nutrient balance right, and the temperature right haha. But you'll do fine I'm sure

    Experiment with your pot size with each grow, everyone seems to agree the bigger the better, but I'm getting better yields from 10 litre pots over the 28 litre pots I used to use. I put it down to the very fast wet & dry cycle giving the roots so much available oxygen. It does mean I have to water every day when in full flower so it's not for everyone
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  16. No idea on the wattage. I eyeballed the potentiometer/dial to appx 50% to see how they handled it. Did fine for 24 hours so upped it to 2/3 of the dial. Will be home to check on them frequently the next few days.

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  17. oh gross, sorry btw. that pic was before cable management and sealing up corners and stuff, lol. was just eager to see them lit up! :p
  18. I'm not sure what you mean, it looks great man
  19. I'm tempted to get one of those lights myself to try in a new tent, that's a great price

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