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autoflower 12/12?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Satyva, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Have been reading up on growing from seed w/12-12 lighting schedule... was wondering if anyone has done this with any autoflowering strains? Or is it even possible?
  2. You were reading up on it? Where? Please actually discuss doing something stupid like that?

    Sorry for the negativity, but why would anyone what to do 12/12 from seed. I see the question so much around here.

    Autoflower strains like 18/6.

    And do yourself a favor and veg the plant for atleast a few weeks man! Your results will be night and day.
  3. Sure you can go 12/12 from seed but even a little veg time will increase your yields substantially. With autos veg time would be irrelevant but I would guess you'd see more growth using 18/6 vs. 12/12.
  4. ive heard w/ auto flower you can go 24/0 the entire grow process, truth?
  5. Yes thats true, I would go with whatever the breeder recommends. Which is def. not 12/12 for an autoflower.
  6. 18/6 is the least amount of light I would use for an auto. I think you'd be better off with 20/4 or 24/0. I did 24/0 and then 20/4 for 5 weeks each with my last batch of autos. 12/12 is the light schedule for flowering normal plants, not autos, so I think you just misread something. It happens :)

  7. There are several threads across the forum on it - I happened to see one while browsing, then searched on "12/12 from seed" - lots of folks talking about/trying it. My only question was, has anyone done this with autos, and if so, how did it turn out. I have much more space in my 12/12 spot than in my 18/6 spot, and have one sativa strain (and another coming in approx. 2 weeks) that I've just switched over after 3 weeks veg, that will take around 3-4 months to harvest. So, hoping I could use a little leftover space in there to do 1 or 2 autos.

    I realize autos like 18/6, or 20/4, or even 24/0, depending. As well as regular plants who also like the same schedule in vegging, but are switched to 12/12 after a few weeks. Yet the whole idea is to push the envelope, if possible... ;)
  8. Yes, I think I may try just one auto afghan kush ryder from seed in the 12/12 space, after I'm sure I've accumulated enough knowlege to do it comfortably (or not) (lol)

    Since their life cycle is dependent upon time rather than photoperiod, do you really think vegging for a short period would help? Or is it possible that putting them on a regular plant schedule will somehow confuse them and possibly cause problems?

    I dunno these things, and so far have been unable to find threads addressing this specific issue.
  9. Yes, the joint doctor's lowryder auto guide says 18/6, but I've seen several other sources say 20/4, and even saw one of the breeders (can't remember the breeder or seeds) say 24/0.

    I was only trying to find out if it was feasible to do an auto on 12/12 for its entire life cycle, since other folks are growing regular plants from seed on 12/12.

    At any rate, thank you for your input.
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    Of course you can do 12/12 from seed. Why would it be stupid? Some people have very limited space, or just prefer not having their lights on for long periods of time. Have you ever grown autoflowering strains?

    I have.

    I have gone a 24/0 cycle through the entire grow, I have gone 20/4, and I have also done 12/12 from about 2 weeks in.

    I can say that my best results were under 20/4. (Which was breeder recommended.) The only difference I noticed in going 12/12 the entire way was yield. Quality of bud was just as perfect as the others. Maybe it is YOU who needs to do a little research.

    The reason for me going 12/12 was because I had 3 other(non auto) plants that were ready to be flowered.


  11. Autoflower strains like 18/6.

    Most breeders of auto-flowering strains say 20/4 is best, not 18/6.

    There is nothing wrong with going 12/12 from seed with non auto-flowering plants. I often suggest it for those saying they have limited space b/c I feel growing a true line strain is better than growing autos, and 12/12 from seed gives people that option. In most cases, growing a good Indica or Indica Dominant strain 12/12 from seed will give you better yields and better potency than autos will.

    I have thrown plants into 12/12 immediately after the seedling stage ends. Lets see:

    NL #2X5 6 sq ft of space. 6 plants started at 12/12 right from the seedling stage of growth. Yield, over 1 oz per plant, avg was 43 gms, so 43 gms per sq ft.

    NL #2X5 in same 6 sq ft space. Vegetative growth for 2 weeks, had to kill 2 females of the 4 due to space issues. From 2 plants vegged for 2 weeks my yield was just over 2 oz's, about 60 gms per plant, or 20 gms per sq ft. No noticeable difference in potency or bud development. So you do the math.
  12. Thanks for that Les. I may try this over the winter with some Barney's Farm Lemon Amnesia seeds I have on hand. :)
  13. Yes, thanks much guys. Think I will veg an afghan kush ryder for 2 weeks, then put with other flowering plants. I don't mind a little less yield, and this would work out much better for me logistically speaking.

  14. For people who want a short plant and quick harvest Nothing wrong with 12/12

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