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  1. Hey Blades. Quick question about autofems... If im understanding correctly, I can keep them under 24/0 or whatever for the entirety of their life, from seed to harvest... If that's the case, is a light-proof grow tent necessary? Or, if I'm growing them in my closet, is sealing the corners of the door a waste of time?

  2. Make sure its light tight man. You wouldn't want any light coming in during the 4 hours of darkness. You want light to stay in during the 20 hours of light.

    And yeah, 20/4 would work. Some people use 24/0 on autos...I guess it depends on strain.:)
  3. Right on... Will do my best to make sure it's light tight, then. :) I have no idea how I'm gonna pull this off... I have no idea how to ventilate something WHILE keeping it light tight... let alone know how to ventilate something. haha... *facepalm*

  4. Well, grow tents work out for starters great... I'm on my first grow and Im almost on week 2 of flowering. Check out my grow.

    If you wanna light tight a closet, the only thing I could think of is cutting a hole in the ceiling and venting the air into the attic and having fresh air through the wall somehow... This is why I use a closet only to veg...flowering in my closet would be hell...

    If you would consider doing a PC grow, theres a great site for a complete set up?

    Home -
  5. That PC grow looks great, but the only problem is how small it is... I wanna utilize the space I have somehow, and hopefully squeeze more than 1-2 tiny plants out of it... Am I wrong about the PC yield? it just seems like it wouldn't hold much. I don't want A LOT of plants, but you know... 4 or something at least.
  6. Also, just found out that cutting into my closet is a no-no... It's basically an apartment, says my girlfriend... we rent a town house:p
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    Yeah you can't grow then man.. Pc or cabinet would probably be the only options...besides maybe growing outdoors or at a friends house?

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