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  1. So this is my first attempt at an autocloner. These babbies are 10 days old now, this is the most growth I've seen. They all look healthy and viable, I just think I'd see more growth by now. I was using straight RO water. And just put about an 1/8t of CalMag in this morning.
    Also, here is my Strawberry Cough, 4 weeks old, under a 600HPS and gas for the last two. Now under a 1000HPS, just looking for general comments. Growing with straight homemade veganic tea. Also wondering about the benfits of foliar watering, just seems like it'll make a mess in the tent.


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  2. Nice job thank u for the info I wana try a bubble bucket
  3. Hey thanks man, pretty easy. I found a post around here for a DIY. Just make sure you dry fit in the bucket before you cement it!! 
    Pretty cheap too, although I have access to all the tools I need.

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