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Discussion in 'General' started by torque92, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Im 20 and tryn to get on track im wantn to be a auto body repair technician. If anyone has any advice or any trade schools in Illinois id appreciate it. All the schools I found on google seem like a scam.
  2. Go to a local body shop, tell them you're interested in learning the trade and ask them for a job. "Earn while you learn."
  3. What this guy says. One of my high school buddies did this; started in high school, always had cash on hand and nice cars to play with. This guy could lay on the bondo and paint like nobody's business; he was a pro by the time he graduated. Too bad he was a lazy bastard who'd rather get stoned and drunk and rip people off than put his talents to use.
  4. call up a local auto body and see if they're hiring. if they are, go in, fill out an application, call them a couple times, and then get interviewed. once you have experience at a local auto body, you can do that or at least until you get your schooling set up

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