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  1. Well I'm trying out this auto-watering plant spa. I found it on clearance at walmart for 5 bucks. I'll take a picture of it once the light come on later. But well I just weeded out my boy plants yesterday. Out of the the 3 of 5 plants that survived I got one girl. Shes is about 2 feet tall and was a very wierd plant in they way it started looked more like a house plant when it started 3 sets of 3 leaves got to about 5 inches and stopped growing. I topped it and then 2 days later it took off. and grew little floppy I concentrated the fan on it to make in stronger. It's about 3 days into flowering now.
    Lights: 70 watt HPS, a 42 watt cfl and a 26 watt cfl. my space is like 2 by 3 closet so that I believe it's plenty of light for my small space. depending if it keeps getting bigger I'll add more cfl light.

    I started them in little 5 inch pots to start. they had since out grew them. One girl is fine cause I'm real limited on space. I got one 5 gallon pot to transplant it into. barely squeezed through the door. lol

    This pot has a cool little resovior on the bottom so I got out air pump and air rock and put it in the bottom. so that all water taken up will be well oxgenated.

    Anyone had luck with these. I'm gonna give it ago. I got the last one at my walmart. Their on clearance.

    I love growing in soil so much easier and I check on my plants all the time so soil works great for me but now that its so big and flowering it doesn't need as much attention so I figure the auto-watering planter would work good. oh and it says to water frow the top for the first week and I probably will each time I feed as well.
  2. Prior to transplanting and adjusting the fan higher

    My Walmart special. tube and bubbles not included.

    Trying to strenghen up those upper limbs with the fan.
    my big ugly light and my lady lol.
  3. If anyone is interested this auto-watering planter is working great but one draw back is that this thing might work better with bigger resivoir. Reason I'm saying that is my plant is 28 inches tall and the roots quickly filled that planter and it's using the water very quickly but however, It seems to protect against overwatering the plant draws it up as it needs it. My plant grew up to the amber I had to adjust the light and add more light. She has buds forming now she is only almost 2 weeks into flowering. I'll take some pictures when the lights come back on. cause she is busy making the good stuff.
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    look at her grow...

    here's a bud or two for ya


    Great way not to over water your plants. durring flowering she is sucking up about a half gallon a day. What do you think of my first plant. So far she is one month into flowering.
    here she is before I knew she was a she. She was the runt and weak as hell. now look at her. she could barely hold her top leaves up. she looks like three plants in one planter.
  5. hey man ive been looking all over for somebody to have something on these..i went out the other day and bought some pots to transplant and not even thinking grabbed the auto watering pots and just said screw it to try them im glad you say they work...mine are small right now so im not really worried about the oxygen in the water but ive just been watering from the top but i planned on filling the resivior today and seeing how it glad you had this thread it helped...thanks man

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