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  1. what are your yield differences between the 2 ? i know you can veg a photo for months longer and get more out of it i am not talking about this . lets say you veg a photo 1 foot tall you will get about 1 to 4 out of it . what will a auto get ? lets say the auto will start to flower about a foot tall . my experiences with auto is limited a friend has a place that is shitty cant get it totally dark so we elected to run led 24/7 thanks for your opinions . please do not say lighting and experience and grow conditions . i am asking your differences between the 2 not what i will get .
  2. My autos, run under 24-0 lighting, got bigger, and yielded even more than my photoperiods of the previous grow, but I did grow them at higher temp. I grow only autos now.
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  3. you don't really veg an auto 2 ft tall. It vegs until it flowers and it flowers no matter what you do. Usually they are in full flower week 4 so it will still be a small plant and flowering and growing at the same time. Once it stops growing then it is exactly like a photo in full flower. Same yield.
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  4. Do they really yield more if it costs twice the KW/hrs at double the electricity usage? Not if you consider all costs. Grams per kilowatt hour they get stomped by photos.
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  5. If you're more worried about grams per square foot of grow space you may be able to do better with autos because of lack of needing a veg area you can take better advantage of your given grow area. As in how much bud can I get out of this room this year?

    If you're talking about how much bud I can get per dollar of cost the photo is better. You also have to add in costs of seeds every crop with autos.
  6. on a small scale, less than x plants for a home grower many advantages to autos. Cost not being one of them. Difference negligible. Auto seeds allow a grower to experiment quickly with many different strains. No need for total darkness so in my case a leaky closet is perfect. I can keep plants together at different maturity and harvest one a month or so. Seed only adds $10 to a whole plant. But yes I agree, probably not suited to a for profit operation.
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  7. my friend is not concerned about the electric bill . will be running under 24/7 led using only a few thousand watts . i know all about electric bills shut every thing down for 2 months for the summer the bill was 4 times the size of my house payment and car payment put together last summer .. best decision you can make some times is to shut down and wait . anyways these autos using 2000 actual watts pulled from the wall of led instead of 4000 watts of hps still is less of a bill burning 24 /7 there is no heat to worry about where it is . and they will harvest faster then the photos guessing about 3 to 5 weeks sooner every photo we see is a 10 to 12 weeks . except a slim few .

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