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  1. Hey guys just bought some auto gorilla glue seeds and wondering if anyone could give me some info or tips on growing them? As in what light schedule I should have them on from a young age till harvest?
    And what size pots would make a good size but not massive yield?
    Also any info on nutes would be great
  2. Germinate then transfer to 3gal pots.. dont do solo cups unless you know when to transfer... too early or too late and you will shock the plant leaving you with smaller yields.. autos have a set life cycle so no need to switch lighting cycle for flowering... 16-8, or 20-4 is fine... i tried 24h plants dont strive as much as 20-4... but im cheap so to save electricity i now run 16-8 and have notice very little different... im vegging 1 cheese auto and 1 lowryder under 300watt led light.. with an extra 1000 watt led for when it starts flowering.. as for nutes again im cheap start with whatever has a higher nitrogen, then when flowering comes switch to something with higher potassium.. homedepot nutes work fine for me i dont grow for massive yields.. hope this helps cheers
  3. Shit sorry i ment 18-6 not 16-8 lol
  4. cannabis plants are a c3 plant and require 0 hours of darkness to grow in veg and also did you really do the 24hr light experiment ??? i grow 24hr veg check out my threads all under 24hr light plants grown under 24hr lights typically grow around 33% faster than 18/6 c3 plants will continue to photosynthesize as long as they receive light
  5. Lol yeah i did try it with 2 northern light autos... i didnt notice 33% i saw around 10% difference... but i myself am no expert i grew in 2 different tents so climate could be an issue... the difference in yield was only around 5 grams.. between 24h and 20-4 cycle... ive yet to try the same seed on a 18-6 cycle because im currently growing cheese and lowryder lol... in the past i was growing a random photoperiode seed... forgot to switch the timer on ran 3 days 24h then it grew sacs (male) not sure if it was the lighting
  6. its not my opinion its scientific fact c3 plants dont need any dark period to thrive ive got 3 autos in a aquafarm right now just 35 days old never seen a dark period since breaking soil im sorry if i came across as a dick because thats not my intention giving a dark period also does no harm except for plants seem to stretch more given dark periods imo
  7. Germinate in pete pellets aka Jiffy Pellets, onxe it is sprouted transfer to a 2 gallon or 3 gallon and watch it grow.

    20/4 works best and feed water at 6.5 PH.
  8. 3 gallons will grow a nice normal auto. I sow directly and do not transplant due to autos timing which comes at a bad time for transplanting. Figure 30 days veg under 24/0 for an auto. That is a good time to train or top. After 30 days it gets kind of boring. They just flower on their own and nuthin you can do about it. I run 24/0 but air out and water for 15 minutes anytime I want to cool and hydrate. For me, container size determines plant size. I like little plants so I grow in one gallon. 5 gallons is large enough for a small auto monster 6oz plant.
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  9. Thanks guys, does anyone happen to know the measurements for the 3 gallon plastic pots? For some reason here in Aus all of our pots are labelled in the mm of the ring rather than gallon
  10. 3 gallons is about 10 inches. Fabric will outperform plastic. For exact measurments on fabric bags I use on amazon, ebay, or direct from them. The math formulas for volume don't work because a garden 3 gallons is usually less than a scientific 3 gallons. 10 inch diameter is a good size for a normal auto.
  11. 24 hours of lights on Autos is the way to go. You can dim the lights to save on power if its that big of a deal. As long as you get enough DLI, then youll be just fine! My argument is that they dont need the dark, have a longer time to grow, and its easier to keep the environmental factors consistent. AND you can go into the grow room whenever to hang out with them!

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