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Discussion in 'General' started by TeSupo, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Pending on what to do.. ...

    I was in a Accident last night, Nothing serious but I need to get checked out, minor head/nose injury with neck and back pains and my insurance pays up to 5000 dollars to walk in anywhere, so why not and see if there is any problems and get some vics for the pain but on the other hand I worry what there policy is based upon a third party insurance being auto, therefore they subsequently follow rules to rule out drugs accordingly by policy of the auto insurance companys, but I don't know anything about this and and I am just constantly thinking about it and everything above is just thoughts that I have, and I feel that is not a real policy or rules that they go by..

    I do not believe that this is a standard medical procedure anyways, I walk in, I get treated as if someone were to overdose on a drug and go in, they are not going to call the police and the records will remain private, there job is to do that, they are there to treat you, discarge you and take your money.

    The scenario..

    I walk into the ER, (ER's do not charge or ask you for money or insurance when you go in) I go in, Tell them I was involved in a accident but keep details minimal and say I just want to get evaluated and go from there. If they were to come up to me and ask that they are taking a blood test, could be for anything, not a DT I would ask what the test is for and I am pretty sure I can say no if they were to say they are taking blood for a DT.

    I know this is ridiculously long, I like to get answers from someone that knows, or has had some experience with this.

    EDIT >> I just smoked some cannabis to get a different perspective, and I do feel like I am over analyzing this situation, I am just going to walk in say I have insurance but I don't have it on me and ill get it to you later, Talking to the claims rep from the insurance, you just take the bills and send them to the insurance. Ill walk in and just say I was involved in a accident, could be anything but they do not need to know about the scene or accident they are not investigators, I will tell them the pains I am having and they can proceed.
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  3. If you walk in for treatment, their last priority is what you're testing positive for. Even if they found anything in your system, they couldn't do anything about it.

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