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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BeardedBudz, Jan 31, 2023.

  1. Anyone know why my auto flower would be stuck in flower. The girl is 81 days old and been in flower 5 weeks and hasn’t put on any bud weight. It seems to be using the nutes quickly but not showing a growth return. 9B8F8F6A-32B8-477C-B14F-624E28DA529A.jpeg 07FC5906-7317-42CE-9A6C-FE27E4E14294.jpeg
  2. you don't get much growth when plants are in flower, you get flowers
    (veg is for growth)

    being a sativa (thin leaves) it looks 'on time' they do take longer its strain specific

    another 2-4 weeks is good
  3. I'm speculating.....

    Is it fair to say you're using some well known bag soil like FFOF, etc, but also using bottled nutes? You mentioned that its using nutrients quickly so thats where my question stems from...

    If the plant was moving mobile nutrients in order to supply new growth and bud formation then I don't think we'd see the top part of the plant 'burnt' the way it is...with lower leaves still green

    just my .02
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  4. Thank you. Not use to an auto this old but I’ll keep watching it for sure.
  5. I am using an amended FFOF and I too dressed about 3 weeks ago. I did give a PK booster about 4 days ago but the main thing it’s getting is water PH to 6.7 and fish sh!t.
  6. Its done bulking . I know you said auto.. You can go 12/12 right now to speed it up. It wont hurt yield or quality . It will for sure speed it up.
  7. It looks fine to me man. few more weeks, youll have some mediocre flower.

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