auto strains - slimes & earthworms & smell

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    Hi all fellow growers,

    I've started an auto grow (automazar, big devil #2 auto, big bang etc.) a month ago outdoors from seed. Unfortunately they died after sprouting because of a week of stormy weather.

    Now weather is better and I've planted new seeds. (only 1 sprouted yet, pics to come)

    My worry is the smell: junkyard has 1,8-2meter high walls. my seeds are located right next to the wall and other side of the wall leads to a parking slot (at least 20-30 come & go, but no one can enter the junkyard because pathways are blocked by vines&thorny plants)

    Will someone passing by smell 2-3 auto plants? (the wall runs at least 50 meters, I can plant them seperate too)

    Main concern: The soil is very rich but there are some slugs/slimes and many earthworms. Will those create a problem, How can I deal with them?

    Wish me luck,
    Wish you luck,

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