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  1. My plants are like a month old and are about 3-6 inches I am using a 1000w mh light on 20/4. They are starting to flower. Is this normal?

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  2. Here's a close up. They all look like this

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  3. completely normal. autos will flower early on most times. some bigger than other so on..

    i do suggest lowering your heat though. some of those leaves are curling inwards.
  4. Thanks alot I will do that I was getting worried. This is afghan kush 47 how long do they take from seed to harvest?
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    my autos are 2 and half weeks and im using 10 26w cfls

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  6. Damn those look nice. What am I doing wrong that mine are so small
  7. Get them out of the MH light, if you have the mh I'm assuming you probably have an hps. I had an auto in with my photoperiod plants and having it under an MH for the first month completely killed the yield. A month until flowering is pretty slow, mine had a bud forming in the 2nd week, but it was a very fast finisher and autos are a bit unstable so that could explain why it's taken longer.
  8. i'm using the LST method to try and get a better yield.i'm hoping to get 2 to 3 oz. off each one ,but who knows.i'd switch your mh bulb to hps like the other person said.i like my cfls though.lots of people don't because they say it makes for light airy buds,but the last couple of grows have been sweeeeeeeet.the set up i got now is working for sure.all buds were thick and dense and very very i'll stick with the cfls.

  9. You got autoflowering strain. From seed to harvest depends but its very fast. Your plants do not need 12/12 to flower they do it on there own. 20/4 through out the whole plants life is recommended on them. 60-70 days usually from seed to harvest.
  10. Autos work in wierd ways man, nice plants :)

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