Auto-Pots - Liquid Earth Nutrients - Questions.

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  1. Hello all,

    First time posting here, kinda paranoid about being tracked so I waited till I had another computer, connection, and all that not trackable to me hehe...

    I recently purchased the Autopots System, a hydroponic setup that uses gravity rather then pumps or anything complex to supply the water.

    I have also bought a 250 watt HPS light to use w/ this. Everything is setup inside a large cabinet I bought from Office Max, Its 72" tall, 36x wide, and 24" deep. I've painted the inside glossy white, and used a hole saw to make holes for power cords, airflow, ect, using elbow joints to minimize the light that escapes.

    It fits 6 pots inside. (3 autopot system, each w/ 2 pots.)

    Now that all that is out of the way hehe. On to my question.

    Has anyone ever used the autopots system to grow nuggs? I'm a couple weeks away from harvest, and everything is looking excellent so far, but I've had to kinda guess on nutrients.

    The system came w/ Liquid Earth Nutrients, but it didn't have any chemical data on the bottles, and obviously it doesn't tell you how much to use for to grow smoke. What I've done is took the numbers for a mature tomato plant, and used the nutrients levels it said to use for that.

    I've just got the Vigor, Bloom, and Grow forumlaes, none of the extas you can get to use with it.

    So Im wondering if anyone has any experiance w/ this sort of setup. If they can give me more solid info on how much nutrient to use, or if I should switch to another brand. And if so, what brand, and how much of that should I use. (links please if you recommend something)

    Any advice would be appreciated. :)


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