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  1. Iv just started my first grow I bought a pack of 10 mixed indoor feminised seeds from guirella seedbank I have had them going for around 7 weeks some started budding after 3 or 4 weeks I'm guessing they are autos is there anyway of telling what the rest are IMG_20160427_202731.jpg
  2. go the to Site you got the seeds and read what you bought

    or check ur credit card statments

    often these commercial concerns often have a free advisory page

    for newbies in order to retain their custom

    good luck
  3. It will tell you on the site There's no way to tell if they're auto from a pic. If it just says feminized then they're photoperiod and not auto
  4. They came in a foil bag that just said 10 feminised seeds planted on 10 th march 2 turned out to be autos and 4 photos iv put the photos on 12 hr light about 3 weeks ago il put pics up tomorrow
  5. Look at your order or get on the website and look up the mix pack and you should know what came in them.
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