Auto nutes?!?!?!?!??!

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  1. Im running Afghan Kush Ryder, Big Bang and Automaria all popped and sprouted, just starting to show their second set of fan leaves, in Dankohzee's Super Starter Mix in four inch pots that will be transplanted into Fox Farm Ocean Forest in the a at least five gallon hole in the ground. I have Roots Organics Buddha Grow and Tiger Bloom. Should I give them veg nutes or wait for the Tiger Bloom? Same dosage as normal plants???PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. This question confused me. Are you wanting to know which one to use? You should use the Organics Buddha Grow during your 18/6 vegetative period and switch over to Tiger Bloom when you switch your light over to the 12/12 flowing cycle. You give them veg nutes for however long they are in veg. You only need to add bloom nutes to flowing plants. As for dosage, use the recommended amount that they tell you to use on the back or side of the bottle.
  3. This info doesn't really apply to him, he's growing an autoflower. You should never start with the full recommended amount anyways.

    Keep them on 20/4 the entire time. If you've grown photoperiod strains, give them half the dose you would give them... autos are almost always nute sensitive so less = more. An auto will begin to flower after 2, sometimes 3 weeks of growing so you should be starting flowering nutes the first time you end up feeding them (they don't need nutes right away, the soil will take care of that - wait till around week 3 and start a flowering nute schedule).
  4. k im an outdoor grower as well so no switchin of light for me, but thanks Virt! ill jus start with the tiger bloom as soon as they start to show pistols. i was jus hopin i could give them a bit of Buddha Grow to get some size before they flowerd.

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