Auto Neophyte: Soil, Germination, and Transplanting Questions

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  1. Long time lurker, first time growing. After countless hours of research on the forums and youtube videos, I have a few questions about auto's, I've been reading some conflicting information so I would appreciate some feedback from successful growers.

    3 Jack Herer Auto
    3 Blue Dream Auto
    3 gallon Smart Pots

    Grow Room
    -4x4x8 Tent with 600W air-cooled HPS/MH

    Germination Options:
    - Ive read that handling auto seeds should be kept to a minimum. That said, should I germinate in a paper towel then place them in the final pot or just germinate and grow in final pot?
    -If I use one pot from germination to harvest, should I cover the pot the saran wrap during germination?
    -Rapid Rooter germination in final pot with soil options below?

    -Options: FFOcean Forest with 30% perlite or FFOF mixed with Light Warrior
    Concern is that if I use one pot from germination to harvest FFOF with perlite might be too hot.

    -my understanding is that Fox Farms products are rich enough for a month without nutes, but I'll have either General Hydro or Fox Farms nutes on hand along with PH up/down

    Germination Lights and Schedule
    -can I just use the 600w MH during germination? Everything Ive seen uses T5 during germination, would rather not have to buy another light
    -Lights on for 24 hours or 18/6 during germination?

    I have quite a bit of time and money invested in this, so Id like to set myself up for success. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I germinate in solo cup with soil and covered with wrap. After a month place into final pot.

    I do not like rapid rooters, paper towels or whatever other method is out there.... soak seeds 12-24 hours plant into soil and cover with wrap. Done

    Ffof may or may not be too hot but you should be OK.

    You can use the 600w
    Is it dimmable? If not just start it far away from seeds and work it closer as time passes

    I have never kept my lights 24/0 I always go 18/6 but it's up to you
  3. Appreciate the feedback! Yes, the light is dimmable. What soil/mix do you use?
  4. I'm currently using happy frog and perlite but will be switching over to a no till soil

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