auto mazar.....veg stage ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by koolaking, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. can anyone tell me when my auto mazar seedlings will start to flower ?
  2. I've read 11-12 weeks from seed with a flowering time about 8-9 weeks. Doing the theoretical thing, I compute roughly at week 3 - 4 they should begin flowering.

    However those are the breeder's/seed bank's words, so add on a week conservatively.

    It is good to keep the autos light cycle between 20/4 to 18/6 and start bumping up to bloom nutrients at or around week 3.
  3. my seedlings popped up from the soil 5 days ago,they are about 2 inches tall with first set of main leaves out and second set just starting.i was worried that they would be to small by the time they start to the moment i have my lights on 24/0,when they start to flower i will put them at 20/4
  4. endive,i have noticed you are using LED,im using 90watt ufo and got another one on the way.gonna throw a couple of cfl 30watt energy saving grow bulbs in,will this be ok ? do you use cfls with your LED ?

  5. I think you'll be just fine! That is a nice stealthy set-up for 1-2 plants (2 maximum).

    With the 90w UFOs I highly recommend using CFLs as supplemental lighting. The combination of the two really seem to work in concert, filling in the missing pieces of the light spectrum.

    So in addition to the LEDs, I'd add all 6500k during vegetation and one 6500k CFL per every two-three 2700k CFLs during bloom. Your only limitation is heat & space, CFLs can get things quite warm.

    If you have the ventilation, you might try working up towards six to eight 20-26 watt CFLs to boost things up. With LEDs coming from the top down and the CFLs arranged out on the edges, it could be a beautiful thing.

    Also, regarding CFL wattage, on the CFL boxes check to be sure the listed wattage is actual wattage and not "Replacement" wattage.

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