Auto Lemon OG taproot inches out of 3 gal pot.. should i transplant?

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  1. Hey guys. This is still technically my first grow, I started several plants earlier but this is the first Auto Lemon OG plant I started..
    Everything appears to be going well with it.. It's in a 3 gal pot and is maybe 5" talk with a 5" leaf span.
    When I planted the germinated seed I filled the pot halfway, dampened it, filled it the rest of the way and then only watered enough for the seedling for the first ten days or so. The taproot exploded lol. It's day 13 and the taproot is nearly 2" out of the bottom hole and it has little roots starting to come off of it.

    Ive read all over the place transplanting is bad because you lose that time of growth and since age is predetermined that equates to lost yield.
    So, should I leave it as is? Maybe just set the 3 gal pot on top of more soil for the root to grow through the holes and hope they domt clog the first pot? I also thought about cutting more/bigger holes, using superthrive and burying the whole pot in a bigger pot. It's the cheap plastic pots so I feel like I could carefully expand the hole but will setting that I'm new soil give it transplant shock anyways? Thanks guys. 20170702_125835.jpg 20170702_125718.jpg 20170702_125649.jpg 20170702_125528.jpg
  2. No doubt. The roots are the brain of your plant and you always want them to be in a prime environment. Keeping one in a pot that is too small just means you're limiting root ball growth and plant growth overall. Give that thing a container a few sizes larger and a fresh batch of soil. Keep in mind that fresh soil is loaded with nutes and it will feed your plant for a little while, so don't keep pouring nutes in at the same rate you might have been. Normally, when the plant is wider and taller than the container it's in, time for a new one. TWW
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  3. Thanks for the reply man, so you think even though it's an Auto-flower with a predetermined age that it would be worth it even with the possible time loss of healing from a transplant? This strain flowers as soon as 60 days from seed so I'm kind of worried about lost time. I've already pulled off several transplants on photoperiods and haven't seen any ill-effects so I'm definitely leaning toward transplanting.
  4. I relieze now i didnt specify it in the title but the is an Auto-flower Lemon OG. On a different note... I planted two of the auto seeds.. one went in a 3 gal and one in a 2 gal pot the day after. This strain can be harvested as soon as 60 days so using the "gal per month" suggestion I figured 2 might suffice. Wish I would be done a 3 for it also... Both are filled with 75% FFOF and 25% perlite. I watered the bottom half of the soil mix then filled it with the dry soil mix to the top and watered just enough for the seed for a few days so the taproot would search for the damp layer. I read to do that somewhere, and it worked for the one which prompted the original taproot question and it's growing fast. The other one was set outside on day 5 after sprout and 6 days later I noticed the indoor one was growing much faster so I brought it in. It was in a spot that got scattered daylight all day long because of the canopy. Maybe only 3-4 hours where the sun hits it well, although it's still getting rays all days. Is that my problem? Take a look at the difference! The auto that is one day older is behind it to the right. 20170703_021147.jpg
  5. I wouldn't transplant it. Depending on who responds some will say you can transplant autos no worries, most seem to say leave it. I doubt that plant is rootbound. I've had autos 4-5x that size in 3 gal containers and they weren't rootbound. I would ever so gently guide that root back into its soil home
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  6. Thanks buddy! Apparently nature ran it's course.. I looked today and even though the plant is thriving and growing fast the bit of exposed root appeared to have died. I can see the root is still fine from the drainage hole though. Thanks for getting back to me my man.
  7. Need some help have a 3 week old auto flower in a 1 gallon smart pot it definitely needs to be moved to a larger pot what should I do?

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  8. Hey man, I'm a complete beginner but from what I've read if your willing to sacrifice the smart pot you'll be fine. If it we're me I would probably gently cut the bottom off the smart pot, placing it in the exact medium the plant is currently in and watering with superthrive. I've read where people claimed they could transplant no problem but I would keep stress low. Of course depending on how long the genetics are supposed to live this could be a minor setback or a big disappointment. Inotherwords if it's a 60 day strain, you don't want to stress it at all. Keep in mind as much as I've read, I haven't technically completed my first grow. Good luck man, just thought id offer my advice since no one else did.

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