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  1. Hey guys,

    First off I'm a first time grower but I seem to be getting the hang of things. Growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest using Fox Farm Trio Soil pack. 24 days old grown using x2 150w CFL 2700k. Need pointers and such, also made the mistake of topping but doesn't look like it slowed growth.

    SkyWalker247 ;)

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  2. I think you need more lights bro.. good lookin plant
  3. Oh deff. Bro, I have more I'm using those to germinate the others I have growing.
  4. Has anybody smoked auto lemon haze? I am about ready to harvest auto white widow, and was thinking about trying alh. I wanted to try ak47 but i don"t have exhaust fan and i read it has a very strong smell.

  5. I smoked lemon skunk and super silver haze the both were good. How does your plants loolook i wanted to grow Auto Widow
  6. MY white widow autos are doing well .im just waiting for trichomes to turn a little more amber. I dont know how to post pictures,but ill try and find out. The plants are about 20 inches tall and have a cola about 6 inches tall covered with trichomes I grew these under cfl lights 18/6 about 65 to 70 days.
  7. looking good, dont over water and try to practice LITFA Leave It ThE FUck Alone

    let her chill and get dank
  8. I know nothing about autos but I do love stupid lemon haze, it's a favorite. But it can be hard to grow, finicky with smallish buds. SSH might be a bit easier to grow. Indicas are much better to cut your growing teeth on IMHO. They seem hardier, and less prone to over feeding that noobs commonly do......MIW
  9. Hi I have 4 auto lemon haze growing about 50 days old. For sure sativa dom but there's one that look more indica they all started flowering at day 35. How do you post pic my first grow they seem to be doing fine.
  10. Update at almost 6 weeks old, autos are awesome!!!

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  11. [quote name='SkyWalker247']Update at almost 6 weeks old, autos are awesome!!![/QUOT]i

    Looking good I have alh going 60 day old. After week 5 they starting getting massive good luck man
  12. Most deff bro, this thing has gotten bigger since thanksgiving for sure, the seed breeder where I got the seeds from told me this strain can produce up to 100 grams not bad for an auto flower.
  13. Update as of 12/12/2011

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  14. [quote name='"SkyWalker247"']Update as of 12/12/2011[/quote]

    Here's my alh :)

  15. [quote name='"rotaryrx7"']

    Here's my alh :)


    Very nice my friend, how many cfls? What power? We have 3 150w equivalent.
  16. [quote name='"SkyWalker247"']

    Very nice my friend, how many cfls? What power? We have 3 150w equivalent.[/quote]

    Runnin 9 cfls all 100w plus have a 250w in there to
  17. Nice, I see your getting better results then I am. After this harvest I'm going with HPS for sure.

  18. Hps on my next go around to. Watch out with over watering them in the last few weeks they seem to not like it as much. Ill let you know at harvest time.. runs 3 more 150w cfl till harvest you'll see a big difference
  19. Nice and I know, I have this week, next week to feed nutes then I'll start flushing with regular water and should be good. I will deff add more cfls. Athens for the pointers bro.
  20. any update on these guys? i put 5 in pots the day before xmas under a 100w florescent.. my 400w hps came in the mail a couple days after flowering started and they've been thriving since i switched lights. just curious as to how peoples yeilds per plant have been turing out. I have mine in some relatively small pots and i fear they've gotten too big now (2ft+) and are too far into flowering to transplant. Wayy larger plants than the autoberry strain. Mostly i'm just worried about the small nugs resulting a shit yield due to lack of root space. its comforting to hear some growers say this strain naturally produces small nugs though. I'll get a pic up asap

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