auto leaf rolling under, and a photo flowering in the veg room? can't figure this out!

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    Please help! My main issue is this seedstockers blueberry gum in the back right. Problem first, set up second...
    It's fan leaves are stiff, a bit upright, and curled right under along the edges, with a slight claw possibly at the ends. Older/larger leaves more affected.
    It's been above soil about 4 weeks, in plant magic plus soil, only UK hard tap water so far (first feed of biobizz grow after this photo). Temps 18-25*C, 19/5 lighting under Mars hydro reflector. If anything a little underwatered up to this point. No sign of bugs either.
    Everything in the tent was planted the same week, same soil etc, everything else is growing fine. This has me stumped!

    Other issue is on top of the 4 autos in the centre, I have 6 0.5l pots with photos veging. Same age as the autos. One, a seedstockers ak420, looks like it may be flowering! At 4 weeks old, under 19/5 light?! Or are they preflowers?

    Cheers all!

    IMAG1192.jpg IMAG1193.jpg IMAG1196.jpg IMAG1194.jpg IMAG1195.jpg IMAG1198.jpg
  2. check for mites.
  3. o sign of any bugs, I'll Havre a closer look later though...
  4. The one that is flowering in your veg tent is probably an auto.
  5. I wondered that, but aside from looking well into flower for a 4 weeks old auto, the other 2 seeds from that pack are definitely photos. Odd if nothing else. It'll do what it wants and I can stand to lose one of the photos
  6. Had a good look, and definitely not mites or any other pest. I think it must be environmental, but only affecting one of four otherwise identical autos. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Definitely not mites or any other pest I can see evidence of. I'm thinking it must be environmental. Leaves look a good colour etc , only the extreme curling going on ...
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  8. have you been feeding them differently due to strain or because one is auto but got the seeds mixed up?
  9. Few weeks on still only affecting one plant, seems to be budding up nicely!

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  10. admission time: the AK420 was actually an auto, my cock up!
    Re the blackberry gum having a very upright habit and extreme curling on all leaves: It's still like that, all leaves pointing up and curling along the edges. However, at around 75/80 days, it's now ready for the chop with dense chunky frosty buds and just a hint of purple colouration. Could be really tasty after a good cure.....

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