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  1. Hi everyone!
    I love autos. I think they are great. I love experimenting with different soil recipes, pot sizes, training, and strains. Grown a few fantastic auto crops with extremely satisfying results so far, but never ran into what i have going on right now... I have two, 1 month and a week, roughly 37 day old plants in the same grow tent. 1 strain called 'Cream of the Crop (Cash Crop)' and the other 'OG Kush'. I believe i ordered from Herbies Seeds this time around. They are in 3 gallon pots. Right now they are under 7 6500k CFL bulbs. The larger light fixture (4 bulbs) over the top, medium light fixture (2 bulbs) down the center/ side, and a single bulb fixture across the center/bottom. They are on an 18/6 cycle. I have always grown autos under these lights and cycle with extreem success...
    My concern is that my Cream of the Crop plant is only about 12" tall and has pistils ALL OVER the damn thing. It has been showing its sex since day 15. My OG Kush is about 12-13" tall, bushy, and has not shown sex yet. All seeds are feminised. Most of the autos i have grown have been like my OG Kush, not showing sex until a little later than usual and growing pretty damn tall and bushy before really flowering.
    Also, as the pics show im getting some white specks on my leaves? Never had this before.
    My questions are... Should I start feeding bloom nutes to my Cream of the Crop now? Should I continue to feed my OG grow nutes a little longer? Am i going to need to put some lower spectrum bulbs over the Cream of the Crop already?? If so, should i seperate the plants to keep the OG under the 6500K's longer? Or just get my extra CFL fixture and put it with low spectrum bulbs over the cream and leave it in with the OG? Or, am I worrying too soon and just keep on with the grow how i have been a bit longer? Through all of my auto grows they have grown in a similar manner to one another and i was able to change lighting and nutes at the same time with incredible results.....
    Any help, suggestions, or links would be really, really appreciated! Pics below, Thanks!

    "Cream of the Crop" in blue pot
    "OG Kush" in green pot
    20160427_144447.jpg 20160427_144413.jpg
  2. Hi love. I dont do autos. But the green bucket one looks nice except for spots. In my experiance it is lackin a nute or nutes it needs for its cycle or ph too high for it to absort lower ph absorbant may be a magnesium deficiency that doest really effect plants until the flowerin season wen its more apparent with little spots... this is only a guess as like i say... i dont grow autos but i shud imagine the defiencies shud be more or less the same. Some one on ere proberbly cub help more if they too grow autos. But i woid guess its wanting to show sex and in flower stage so magnesiun now apparent. If it is that then check ph is not too high and give ya bloom nures et . BUT im presuming as do not do autos. Do hope it gives ya idea wat maybe wrong love and i wish u all the best in yr grow ... happy growing love xxxx
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  3. Well I just done some research and seen they do have an auto. I bought some cc seeds and I got a og Kush free. It was photo though. Wish mine was auto

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  4. I've done a few autos and have a t5 unit. Tbh, I would mix spectrum to start with.mright now you are mostly giving it blue, I would add either a few reds and leave a blue or so. She's in flower so to me she's the most since they have a time frame. If it was me that is what I would do.

    And your one is veg does have some starting signs of some issues, I agree with kym. You also look like you over watered it as well from the droopy look.

    One thing about autos you'll learn is they can be unpredictable. That's another reason why people like photo more, with clones you will have more control over the things you want to try and really see a difference.
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  5. Thank you so much for your input! Im definitely going to start getting the flowering girl on some bloom nutes today and some low spectrum red light. I have just never had an auto go through the phases so fast. I dont like it!!!! Still the OG one i dont know yet... They are both 40 days old by now...
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  6. Thanks for the advice. Yeah autos seem to be fairly unpredictable. By past grows have been so smooth but i guess that cant be the case every time. I would love to start getting in to cloning... Any advice on where to start??
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  7. Yeah the OG Auto looked pretty damn good at harvest. The one i got going has got me concerned but we'll see.
  8. It's easy lots on it. Remember you can not clone autos. For you, you seem to want to maximize what you do and experiment. I look for a photo strain that's along the lines of what you want. Grow out their seeds pick your best strongest plan, and make a mom out of it.

    Or, you can clone from your plants every there's something called monster cropping where you can take clones from a (photo period plant) 2 weeks into flower, it will be a bushier copy of your plants.

    I can go over all the steps and help you out but reading this site will give you such a greater understanding Picture Guide to Cloning Marijuana | Grow Weed Easy. I recommend reading all of it,mint talks about autos, advance growing ect. For instance did you know if you drop the humidity slowly at the end it will cause the plant to protect its self. And it shields its self by putting out more resin, so you increase the potency of the smoke.

    Hope it helps.
  9. Right on bro great advice! I did get some photo seeds as well and would love to start them soon. All in all i ended up with 15-20 quality seeds of different variety. ill have to look in to that link you put up. I did mix in some 3,000k lower spectrum red light today over my "cream of the crop." I also started it on bloom nutes. Its the smallest auto ive ever had start flowering so rapidly and small. Day 40ish now...

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