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  1. Looking good so far. Got a Bruce banner and a zkittles autoflower in my 4x4 tent. Actually have 2 of each but those are my buddies I'm just starting for him (left side of last pic). Gonna get those outta there and start another 2 seeds this week probably. I'm thinking mephisto seeds samsquanch og or their northern cheese haze.

    Been growing these with 24 hour light and all organic soo far. Hasn't shown any deficiencies so i haven't been giving any bottled nutrients. Soil mix is working so far. Has potting soil, peatmoss, worm casting clmpost, some mycorrhiza, and a bunch of perlite.

    I'm bending one and leaving the other alone. The bend is really helping those side branches catch up.

    20190530_094111.jpg 20190530_094040.jpg 20190530_094134.jpg 20190530_094127.jpg 20190530_094145.jpg 20190530_094139.jpg 20190530_094151.jpg
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  2. Day 27. Bent her again to 90°. Really pushing growth of those side branches.

    Gave the first batch of nutrients (veg, micro, and flower cause i saw some hairs today). Looked like the one wanted a lil. So far its just been my soil mix. 20190601_204947.jpg 20190601_205101.jpg 20190601_205031.jpg 20190601_205039.jpg 20190601_205044.jpg

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  3. Day 30. Bent her a forth time (took one of the strings off) probably the last cause they're all starting flower. Each has hairs growing at all the nodes. Hopefully she has time for all those side branches to get thicker and throw some of their own side branches out. Definitely the widest plant in there 20190604_153805.jpg 20190604_153825.jpg 20190604_153829.jpg 20190604_153908.jpg 20190604_153859.jpg 20190604_153839.jpg 20190604_153852.jpg 20190604_153745.jpg 20190604_153845.jpg

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  4. Day 37. Lookin decent. The bent one really bushed up. I think that's the bruce banner and the other is the zkittles. The new seedling there is a feminized critical fast bud that came free with the other seeds.

    Got my buddies two plants out of there a few days ago. 20190611_113845.jpg 20190611_113820.jpg 20190611_113816.jpg 20190611_113735.jpg 20190611_113646.jpg 20190611_113805.jpg 20190611_113800.jpg 20190611_113701.jpg 20190611_113656.jpg

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  5. Very nice buddy.
  6. Looking good :weed-4:
  7. Day 68 for the big two. The back is the gorilla glue I bent which is a little further along and the front right is a zkittles I diddn't bend. Front left is a critical fastbud (probably like a month old I forget) and the back left is a bruce banner (probably like 2.5-3 weeks).
    I bent the critical even more than I did the gorilla gluen and it seems to be working the same way if not better in making good new colas. I'm gonna bend any other autos I grow from now on because its definitely increasing the amount of good medium sized buds I'm getting (not anywhere near my photos last run but I knew that was coming).
    Ill use up the auto seeds in this on the same 24 hour light untill I run out then i might switch back to photo's. I guess I'll see when the grow is done on these how they compare. 20190712_110559.jpg 20190712_110612.jpg 20190712_110400.jpg 20190712_110421.jpg 20190712_110457.jpg 20190712_110411.jpg 20190712_110553.jpg 20190712_110546.jpg 20190712_110509.jpg 20190712_110537.jpg
  8. Tied down more of the side colas. Gonna have a lot of tops on the critical there 1563219339149.jpg 1563219357005.jpg

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  9. Cut down the Zkittles plant and its hanging up to dry. The bruce banner is gonna come down tomorrow. Gonna have to start another 2 plants up, probably gonna do autos again. 20190726_190355.jpg 20190726_190339.jpg 1563219339149.jpg 20190726_190258.jpg 20190726_190306.jpg 20190726_190318.jpg 20190726_190327.jpg 20190726_190322.jpg 20190726_190332.jpg
  10. Cut down the bruce banner. Only the critical and gorilla glue left
  11. Only the critical and gorilla glue left. Gotta buy some dirt. 20190730_161310.jpg 20190730_161326.jpg 20190730_161352.jpg
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    Zkittles curing up 20190731_220950.jpg 20190731_220955.jpg 20190731_221003.jpg
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    Two on the left are the bruce banner the one on the right is the zkittels i already posted 20190801_153019.jpg 20190801_153043.jpg 20190801_153047.jpg 20190801_153050.jpg
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  14. Looking good mate iv got a zkittles germinating atm cant wait !!

    What's total wattage on the lights ?

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  15. Abt 500-600W from the wall

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  16. The bruce banner yielded a lil over 4 ounces but wasn't the densest. One nug weighed in at 7gs tho and a few others around 4 or 5.
    The skittles was closer to 2.5 ounces but tasted way better and was tasty af.

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  17. Nice grow bro.....nice training.

    Wish I could taste that zkittlez!
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