Auto for a beginner with a short tent, Scrog okay? Also, how short a strain?

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  1. Hi. I have never grown cannabis before, only have a few bonsai. I plan and ordering my build materials in a couple of weeks to be ready for a September grow in a 2 x 2 x 4.5

    Generally i'll be using:

    Light: Kingbrite 125w 660nm Quantum
    Medium: Probably FF LocoCoco or another mostly coir mix
    Nutes: AN SensiBloom/Sensi Grow combo for Coco

    Worried about the height of my tent but it must be compact. So i've looked for short strains and looking into LST to keep them low, maybe even Scrog but i've read:

    Autos are not for beginners, not enough time to fix mistakes.
    Autos are not good for Scrog (not totally sure why).

    I like the idea of saving time with Auto though, i'd like to do the whole grow in 12-14 weeks. Yes, i'm that person. And i hear they're easier and more carefree, so i'm into that as well.

    Strains: How high a natural plant can i use and how much difference height can i reduce with LST? So if one strain generally tops out at 120cm can i reduce that in height by 20% with LST? Trying to figure out strains. And i like Sativa so i see i have challenges.

  2. I advise against using an auto bro, especially if you're going scrog... Reason being that the auto won't have enough time to fill out the screen properly, due to it having a limited veg time... Your plant may start flowering before most of the buds grow into the screen, which is not what you want when you set up a scrog.

    If you're using an auto, stick with lst, you'll have a better chance of maintaining an even canopy, and you'll learn how to train your plant.

    If you're concerned about time, as an example, I have an afghan kush tree that I grew from seed with a 12/12 schedule, it's been 14 weeks and 3 days.. She's almost ready and I'm cutting her down in 2 days... That's just under 15 weeks, not that much of a difference really...

    You can veg a photoperiod plant for about a month, and then switch to flower, which will give you about 9 or 10 weeks left for flower cycle, which should be enough for most strains.

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  3. Thanks so much. How much can i reduce natural height with LST, I figure with a 4.5" tent is about 135cm. I've seen a few plants under 120cm but with pot height and lamp i'm a little worried. What natural heights should i be looking at to LST into a 4.5'/135cm tent? Or do i need to stick to plants that generally finish in under 100cm.
  4. Plant heights stated when buying seeds are generally the hieght of the plant if you don't perform any kind of training to limit its size.

    My grow box is 120cm high and I haven't ran into height problems yet, I top the trees (don't consider this if you're growing autos) and use lst to keep the canopy even and as low as I can. But I only grew hybrid strains.

    If you do it right, you can keep all your plants under 25 to 30 inches I feel.

    Try to search for how much the strain you choose stretches once it hits flower... Some Sativa strains can stretch up to 200%... So even if your hieght is within limits at the end of veg, the stretching may run your plant into the light or cause light burn at the top of the colas.

    I can't say what plant height range to get because you can use lst to keep it low anyway... but I hope it helped.

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  5. Thanks! So it sounds like if I pic an non-auto sativa-dominant that is generally short some LST should take care of whatever drama it looks like it might run into, and i'll check back after narrowing down some not-autos for feedback. Excellent, thanks.
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  6. Glad I could help!... And yes that sounds right.

    There are quite a few people on here that grow autos only with great success, I don't mean to discourage you..

    But I think starting with a photoperiod will be better... They're much more forgiving to stress if you mess up here and there (from what I've read on Grasscity), and you can watch your plant through its entire cycle, noticing the smaller changes during seedling, veg, transition and flower phases...

    Which will make it easier for you if you decide to grow autos in the future because you generally don't have as much time notice and fix your mistakes, as compared to when growing photo strains.

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  7. I only grow autos. My very first grow was autos...and I haven't looked back since.

    I LST mine for a more even canopy. With can essentially keep it almost as short as you want....IMO
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  8. How are your yeilds bro? And tent size, etc... I may consider switching in the future for my microgrow so I'll just work with a fraction of the yeild of yours compared to relative sq ft as an estimate

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  9. This is my "grow room" right now....yields between different strains will vary itll determine what ya grow....and how "well" ya do it....

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  10. Looks good... I wish I had a bigger space, lol..
    Got any grows we could look at?

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  11. Hey, its getting the job done for now! lol

    I have a few pics and photo journals of a couple of plants I have grown....just click on my name and go to my media page.....I also actually just started a grow journal on a plant I have going now.....if you wanna check that out too here is the link: ILGM - White Widow Auto
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  12. I just finished 3 autos in a 2x4, 70 days from seed to harvest.
    Pulled 217g dry, which is probably on the low side of what that strain could've produced under better conditions.
    With LST they stayed under 20".
    Check out my journal below for details if you'd like.
    First Grow with QB96's - "Freedom Dream" & "Early Miss autoflower"
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