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Auto-Flowers seed times

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by precision1, May 19, 2010.

  1. yup let your seeds sit for a month or so, and they do much better.. kinda like drying and curing your buds..

    the Jems are not supposed to be much of a yielder

    I just want to cross AAK and Jems ..that is all , if I can get the stone of the auto AK with the look of the PJs I am good.. I just want to be able to watch all my bros freak as I twist my purps, not Bong em .. I like to joint up my Ruderalis strains.:smoking:

    I know that feeling, i am two weeks behind on my outdoor.... stupid weather, it's like it thinks it controls everything :rolleyes:

    need the weather to calm down so I have the 45 days to work with the autos AKs, not planting my outdoor harvest ( which has to come first ..need pounds not ounces)

    6 of the 9 are cracked and down ..other three in the next day or two ..or not , 6 is enough for quick experiment...
  2. Not necessarily. if the seeds you got from your weed were mature, then you could plant them and they would grow. The only time they don't grow is if the seed wasn't mature.

    when i grow my autos, im giving them 24/0 light to see how it comes out.
  3. So this morning i am just getting ready to collect Pollen from the Mi5, and the Onyx males Separately. both are starting to explode dust all over their leaves.. & the girls are ready in the other room- waiting to get pregnant:eek::wave:

    I'll be getting rid of my Onyx today, and keeping the Mi5 Male in the room with the Male Purple Jem.

    It looks like by the end of this week, the chosen Purple Jem female is going to be ready for breeding with the Mi5. .
    . .Then soon I will have the F1 of my new mad science experiment..Mouhaha:D

    Wish me luck ~
  4. Prophis. There is a few things you can do to improve germination rates on strains with Ruderalis ancestry. Autoflowering genetics some times have a harder shell then others. Its supposedly due to the Ruderalis. If you freeze the seeds the germination rate will improve. I am not sure why exactly but it could be that the freeze/thaw mechanism is a failsafe for them ensure winter has passed.
  5. Another good way to improve germination is to scuff up the shell of the seeds. Then soak them over night in water with a little peroxide.
  6. Yupp! Wise man this lessismore. =D

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