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  1. I know regular seeds take 6 wks to be mostly mature but with auto strains I have them on 24 hrs of light. Now does the seed time cut in half? It seems it would. Anyone have any exp? I appreciate any input.
  2. well i read up alot before i bought mine, and the plant doesnt go off of a light cycle to flower like other plants. instead it does by its age itself. and i dont know what strain you are using, but i was told that 20/4 would be the best cause the 4 hours or dark help resin build.
  3. nope.. 6 weeks= 42 days ..most autos take around 70 days....
  4. I think I should add that they do not breed like normal... they will revert back into the Ruderalis lines ..if they are not back crossed into an Indica or Sativa, preferably one that has " auto-flowering characteristics", like AK-47...
  5. I still think the question is unanswered. . ?

    most autos only last around 70 days total. they begin flowering at around 21-24 days.

    Say you grow a male and a female from seed of a stabilized auto.

    you pollenate the female when she is ready. From that point- How long do auto flower seeds stake to develope before they can be harvested and planted?

    anyone know?
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    cannabis seeds, whether they are Ruderalis, Indica, or Sativa take a minimum of 6 weeks to mature ..after that wait about month for the seeds to dry out a touch ..and you are ready to go

    BUT breeding one auto with another will not get you a secure supply of Autos. unless back bred into their sativa, or indica moms,they will always start to revert back to ruderalis in 2-4 generations. leaving you with rope not buds...

  7. that is a bummer
  8. okay 6 weeks thanks.

    That's very interesting about reverting back. So in other words, if you buy regular auto seeds, and breed the boys and girls from that grow and so on, you'll soon just have a completely ruderalis dominant plant?

    what if the auto strain is stabilized, even if you breed for traits- they'll still diminish without back crossing?
  9. Genetically that just doesn't make sense. If you breed two potent autos, over and over, it's not going to "revert" back to low-THC Ruderalis; it isn't in its genes.
  10. this is about the only info you can get out of Mossy or JD about how they breed ..both say they have to back cross regularly to keep potency up ...

    and actually it kinda does ..take 100 NL seeds plant em in a field and come back a few years will no longer have NL growing , will have a feral version that is more hemp then pot.. with larger a percentage that do not get you as high each year.

    now if that NL is say 25% Ruderalis ..then those Ruderalis traits will become dominate quicker, cause of the hardiness of Ruderalis.

    but I will know for sure some time in the coming year as I try insure a steady supply of Mossys Jems ... using an Avalon as the mommy

  11. i was gonna say then,
    how do we keep getting seeds from the breeders?
    They aren't keeping auto mothers, and i doubt seeds are constantly from the original parents that create the breed..

    It seems illogical that every ruderalis gene is completely dominate.
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    yeah man i have pj's (purplr jems)going right now. about to cross the male and females. You're saying i can only do this a few generations until these genes are schwag, due to the auto factor?

    so would breeding for traits be futile?
  13. that is my understanding ..

    but it looks like the both of us will be working with some of the same genetics....and who knows..maybe ( hopefully actually , as this would save me tons of time) you are right..

    I am going to be running some Lowlife auto AKs (regular seeds) on the porch ..those nirvana short ryders are gonna get killed off soon if they do not auto, so I'll run a quick cross of them and see how the progeny turn out this fall, was not going to start the mossy jems project till early 2011, but this will make for a good I would be stoked to have an Auto Ak ..and an auto purp, wthout having to care for a mother..

    I choose Avalon , because it has auto flower tendencies already, and has no problem turning purple.
  14. If you leave a field to grow wild for years, the hardier (possibly less potent) plants will thrive; natural selection. But breeding your best male and female from a bunch of autos is artificial selection, selecting for potency (though its hard to tell how potent an auto is until you cut it down and smoke it).

    I just don't think it makes sense, but if that's what the breeders are saying I guess I'm wrong.
  15. check you PMs..

    one way or another these " breeding secrets for autos" are going to get cracked.

    all my research points to: having to back cross from time to time to keep potency and the Father carries the auto gene.. we shall see.

  16. INDEED i am excited about the pjs, as of now i already have girls and boys, im planning on collecting pollen and putting it to one of the girls in a week or so..

    im breeding a few others too at the moment- autos are so interesting. we'll have to see how it goes from here
  17. Hey i have a week or 2 until i breed my pj's :hello:. i have diesel ryder about 2-3 weeks into developing seeds. a good # of pods fattening up on her..

    i was wondering if you have to keep back crossing, how/why is it that mossy was working with a F7 gen Lowryder X Mazar = purple jems

    he could have his own nice LR pheno locked at f7 no?

  18. now that is one awesome point. +rep

    I dropped 9 Lowlife AKs ( one was immature) today, to start my project, which looks even more secure with that post..... good luck

  19. Thanks m8, to you as well.

    I have some good news here, and i was able to dig up the dates for you.

    During my last grow there were i baught 2 female "Auto White Moscow" from low life. (Although now it seems they renamed it "Auto White Russian" so more people would understand what it is..? Lowlife Automatic White Russian )
    White Russian is White Widow x AK47

    Anyways out of 2 "feminized" seeds, one was male. . There were other strains & girls too, so no biggie.

    It wasn't expected but I decided to keep it in another room, what the heck eh?

    So when things looked mature enough i pollinated a few bottom sections of the girl.
    It turned out well, at harvest i got 100-200 seeds, most brown some with darker stripes, and a few still not developed.

    Right away a friend and i tried germinating 20 or so with no luck after like a week :/.
    he decided to just put the rest of the ones i gave him (50 or so) in water. surprisingly some of THOSE began sprouting slowly - so i decided to give it a go with more of mine. (From his batch only 2 actually made it to soil and the rest were taking so long that some of the bad seeds had ruined the water with that odd fuzz).

    on june 5th i popped a ton of mine in water and 5 days later; 9 of them were sprouting like crazy. One of them even had grown out of it's shell and was forming it's first set of flaps already while germinating?! i'd never seen that before, but i'm excited because these are my first babies.

    I put the 9 in little soil cups on June 10 (and more are still germinating).
    Today, 2 days later they're ALL 9/9 Popping up:eek:

    Here is a picture of They're mother right after breeding on April 13:

    Now Fast Forward to June 12, here are the 9 sprouts that were put in soil on the 10th
    (Ignore the larger/cut off seedlings in the very bottom left- those are other)

    So based of a little intuition and knowledge, for me it went like this:

    • april 13: pollination
    • may 28: harvest
    • june 5-10: germination
    • june 12: LIFE:hello:
    i'm looking forward to these, going to grow a few indoors and a few outdoors. Hopefully breed again as well. I'm a little overwealmed because more are on the way, i didn't expect any to germinate but hey..nature. It's a good "problem" though, i'll work it out:cool:
    it seems that the seeds planted a few weeks after drying/curing time are having a better germination rate.


    As for what I actually mean to be doing currently, is breeding:

    • Onyx X Onyx
    • Mi5 x Mi5
    • Purple Jems x Purple Jems

    ..and my own creation: Mi5 X Purple Jems
    I'm attempting to breed a Larger Dark Purple Auto.

    Short Stuff: Mi5 - "Number 5 is very resinous plant, quite tall for an AK 47 plant cross, for 50 to 110 cm tall. This plant has a very purple afghani bred into it so outside will go a lovely rich shade of purple."

    Joint Doctor/Mossy: Purple Jems: "..Purple JEMS buds display a broad colour palette, ending with a stunning royal purple. These small plants produce large purple nuggets.."

    Things are going smooth, but man i wish plants grew in a week:smoking:
    Here are my boys:
    They are just chillin under a ufo and a few cfls - It's plenty for these guys.

    And here are the girls!:
    I know you can't tell anything specific from here.. somewhat of a little jungle.
    There's a few different sets of genes here.

    I have to say so far the Mi5 are Amazingly uniform for autos. Onyx is as well, distinctly different.
    Mi5 = Tall with Two or so main side arm/branches
    Onyx = Shorter than Mi5, yet extremely branch/bushy
    Purple Jems = appear more petite plants with one main stem/cola (although, they're a couple weeks younger than the Mi5 and Onyx.)

    Based on those descriptions you may be able to spot them in the photo... . . I Spy . . ..
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    dude.. I ordered some purple jems seeds and because I love that purple bud trait it has. I should have ordered mi5 too because it has those purple leaves..

    mi5 + purple jems = sexy plant imo

    purple leaves + purple buds... omg too sexy.

    you beat me to it lol but luckily I get to see what it looks like :).

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