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  1. Ruderalis strains barely reach two feet... making it useless for hemp harvesting. My current auto is basically a tiny little bush, fucking FILLED with budding sites. It looks like a fucking mini Christmas tree. Can't wait to harvest that bitch.
  2. I remember hearing all this crap whem femmed seeds first came on the scene and now they are the best sellers. Some of the auto strains are really not bad at all and fit some growers needs.

    Try growing C99 outdoors and out of season :rolleyes: The Afghan kush was much better than the stuff the dealers are selling round here so it was still win win.

    We get it, autos are not quite as dank as some of the non-auto strains with less yeild but they have a use if : You don't have a seperate veg and flower area, You want to grow outdoors through most of the whole year and Dwarf or Ryder strains can be kept very small to fit a stealthy grow.

    Its bud and I like bud ;) I don't think an auto strain will ever be my favorite strain and I can't see Rez bringing Chem dawg sour autos out anytime soon :laughing: but if you want to grow weed thats better than the street crap then its an option :smoke:
  3. You can grow C99 outdoors just as much of the year as you can grow autos, you just have to wait longer to harvest, but got more in the long run.

    I dont mind if anyone else wants to grow autos, but what you have to realize is that when someone says "anyone who thinks autos aren't strong is wrong" is asking for a smackdown. People are welcome to say THEY enjoy autos, but when someone says I'm wrong about they're lower potency and accuses me of never growing them to know, that was just uncalled for. I think most autos suck, and are ok at best. Sure they will improve over the generations as breeders find ways to keep the auto flowering gene while ditching the other less desirable ruderalis traits. But that doesn't make them great weed now. My original statement was a basic fact that autos come from ditch weed (ruderalis) and I've been argued with ever since saying that. I'm sorry if my FACTS are threatening to some people, but autos do come from ditch weed, and as of now, it's still obvious.
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    I seeded Lowryder 2 auto fem in the middle few weeks later as Pineapple Kush regular left and right.You can see the result.LR2 will be cut soon ,it is not much ,but this grow was kind of an experiment to c how things roll on.I'm learning on mistakes.My nxt grow will definitely be auto flowering.


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  5. Damn fine little operation you got there, Dogglounge!
  6. I was seriously consider buying jock horror autoflowering from attitudes. What does everone think of that? Give me some feedback please gonna order in a week. I have alot of feminized picked out but this strain cathes my eye. I want to clone but also want a very short harvest.
  7. Can you afford to get two strains? If your set on getting autos, I would recommend getting another strain to grow too. That way you can get some early havest off the auto, and some higher quality and quantity buds later in the season. Plus then you can take clones like you want and won't have to worry about buying seeds next time.
  8. I wouldn't be able to clone the auto's. Is that true?
  9. No you can't clone autos. They start budding no matter what the light, so if you took a clone, it would keep flowering and a be a total waste. You could never keep it in veg and grow it bigger.

    Seriously though, if you want a short harvest, you can grow straight from 12/12 with any strain and there are some really short strains out there. Pineapple Kush flowers in 7 weeks and stays really short, especially if you top her. Orange Crush is another yummy strain that stays short that flowers fast. You could get some good strains to take clone from.

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  10. Growing auto's now, seem to be good but let's see what happens, :)
  11. Thank you so much for your input.:D I will be ordering on wenseday so i'm thinkin its gonna take bout a month to get them in my grow box after germ. and all that good stuff. Put my box into 12/12 yesterday hoping for the best.
  12. forgot about this thread :) decided to go for Auto Flowering as my 1st grow. am happy by now but the harvest will judge this argument :)
  13. If you're doing an outdoor grow and are starting late then autos are ideal, but if you've got an indoor grow then it's worth waiting the extra 3 weeks or so for good genetics

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