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  1. Yup if they get inside. I had a bad fungus gnat invasion a few grows ago. I bought some herbs from home depot not even thinking that they would have bugs. Home Depot keeps all there plants outside. In like 2 weeks I was over run by gnats!

    You might get the occasional spider as well. If you keep your area clean check regularly you will be fine.
  2. spider mites can get inside and fuck your world up bro. and once you get them its damn near impossible to get rid of them. its harder to get them inside, but not impossible.
  3. Canabbis Ruderalis IS ditch weed.
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    Maybe we just have higher standards.

    First of all, don't trust what the seed companies say their THC% or yields will be. They're rarely accurate. Second, ruderalis genetics mixed with regular genetics will never be as potent as regular strains. It's like saying tiger woods is white. You're not fooling anyone. That small amount of ditch weed genetics can't be hidden from an experienced smoker. I for one have NEVER seen auto strains stocked in any medical club. Why? Because they just aren't as good as regular strains. They're good for noobs to learn with, but that's about it. If you're looking for an easy to grow, bug resistant, fast flowering strain, there are much better strains out there.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble u would never tell the difference in quality if boTh are taken care of properly and cured properly they will botH be nice smokes. get over yourself mjmama... StOp hatin on autos... It also doesn't look like u have any experience with autos.. So how can u even talk down.
  6. why a/f supporters are always so nervous when it comes to bad sides :D

    (i personally have nothing against neither as have not even started my 1st grow yet but still somewhere deep in my mind regular strains outweigh a/f, say 60/40) :D
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    What are you talking about? I just grew autos last season at the same time as several other strains...same conditions, and the autos aren't even worth smoking. The Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough, Goo, etc all were great. On the other hand I still (a year later) have an ounce left or short rider up in my closet that I couldn't give away it's so bad. Had nothing to do with the growing, all about the genetics. I'm sure some autos are better than others, but NONE are great.
  8. Ahh my apologies mjmama I just got a little defensive for no reason... To each his own..
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    Its all good. Short Rider is probably the worst example of an auto, so yours is probably better than my unsmokable shit from last year. I'm just not a fan of autos. I think diesel rider is the only one I'd bother with because I love anything diesel and the taste of a good diesel would probably come through. But for a fast harvest I like clones, and for an early harvest outdoors, I bring my plants into a toolshed at night. If I was trying to gorilla grow an auto might be nice so as to harvest before most feds go pulling crops. Thats probably their main benefit, for an early outdoor harvest. But I've never understood using them indoors where you can control the photo period and force any strain to flower early. And clones are so convenient, not to mention free once you get a mother going.
  10. Mjmama is right Auto flowers are crossed with a ruderalis type strain that is pretty much ditch weed and dosent have a photoperiod. ( Not saying they can't be THC potent )
  11. No one smokes pure ruderalis. Even though the term "ditch weed" isn't exactly a technical description, it still is a pretty accurate explanation. The auto flowering trait is probably the only desirable thing about least for our purposes. The genetics are definitely getting better though.

    I like them personally. Most of the auto strains seem to be easy to keep short, low maintenance, fast harvests, decent potency, & decent yields. I'll grow them along side photos so I can get a mid grow harvest to hold me over. In a few months I'm planning on growing an auto version of a photo strain that I'm about to harvest. I'm very curious to compare the 2 just based on potency. I'm positive the auto yield will not come close.

  12. Might be a ditch weed but it sure does knock me on my ass into the ditch everyday when I smoke it. On hand I have White Widow, California Blue Hash, and Afghan Ryder Kush Autos. Between me and my buddies we much prefer the Autos to smoke.
  13. You prefer them over what? Smoking nothing or the crap you get on the steets? That still doesn't make them better than quality genetics. Grow some C99 and tell me if you still like autos better.

  14. Like them better then the other stuff I harvested this year. No thanks. I am going all Auto. To each his own. My money, my grow :).
  15. You are silly, ruderalis is most like hemp plants they use to grow in mid-west during the hoover era. It has very little potency but is very resistant. where did you get your info? They have to cross the reuderalis with strong thc bearing strains to make them decent.
  16. Grow whatever you want but don't be surprised that other people have higher standards or wonder why your crap genetics aren't winning cannabis cups.

  17. I really could care less on what wins cannabis cups. Being that the majority the vast majority smoke brick weed from Mexico in the US anything you grow just about is better then that.

    A lot of awards as well are based on personal tastes. I participated in Cigar Afficados Big Smoke in Vegas. There awards are based on all of the attendees smoke tests. Just because something wins a award doesn't mean jack. Many a cigars that go around were rated at number 1 but tasted like I was smoking dirt.
  18. The Cannabis Cups are held and voted on in Cities with the best range of medical strains. Nothing in a cannabis cup is compared to brick weed. Its compared to the best of the best. You're the one bringing inferior weed into the picture with autos. I personally haven't seen brick weed since early the 2000's.

  19. Once again any form of Cup or review is based on what the smokers who try it like or dislike.

    Its not inferior weed at all..Autos. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with growing one. Just one of the options that are out there.

    Im a Executive Chef for a living. I can use Vanilla Beans at great cost in our pastries or I can use extract which is cheap. 99% of all people never know the difference if I use extract. One is not inherently worse then another. All a matter of what you want.

    You might not have personally seen brick weed but millions use it. What you personally have seen or not seen is really not relevant.
  20. Duh! What else would they base it on. People like quality weed and that's what they vote for. I shouldn't surprised the noob section is the only place with people defending autos.

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