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  1. probably there already is such topic however if anyone is willing to share their preferences and experience please do :smoke:
  2. I like autos a lot. My harvest last month was 2 Afghan Kush Ryder Autos. After my current grow is done Im going all Auto.

    It was 65 days from seed to harvest. Plants got plenty was 30 inches other was like 25 26 inches and it produced just fine.

    Some say potency is not there well they never grew or tried any I think. Stuff rocks.

    The whole grow was just simpler. All I really did was water once a week. It was very robust and just grew and grew.
  3. The early autos I tried were whack but the newer stuff is right on track.

    Autos are good if you don't have a seperate veg and flowering area but want a constant grow, you can also grow them outdoors out of season :smoke:
  4. i assume its 1:1 yet =] someone else?

  5. What do you mean?
  6. 1 plant to 1oz? idk. the new shit is pretty legit. not as much yield off a fully mature regular plant, but you can plant more seeds. i also find them to be cheaper. just, stay away from seedsman ww auto. i hear nothing but bad things about it. and i also hear taste is affected a bit. but rhapsodyrcks seems to be the guy to talk to about it:)
  7. Had nothing but luck with World of Seeds autos.
  8. I loved my auto LR#2xak47 check out the journal in my sig... It was my first plant and just harvested under 2 oz in 65 days... And the smoke was fantastic!
  9. seems like auto is leading right now :D why haven't they won any of the cannabis cup then?
  10. Because they get their auto flowering gene from ditch weed and ditch weed will never win a cannabis cup. That is also why they aren't nearly as potent as regular strains. I've grown autos and found them to be unstable and low quality. People rave about being able to harvest in 65 days, but I can harvest from clone in 45. My green crack and c99 harvest faster, yield better, and are WAY more potent than any auto.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't say autos are leading but they have got much better than the autos of old. I'd rather grow non-auto strains but as said autos are less hassle in some situations. I think it might be a while until they win the cup, unless one of the breeders fixes it which is common.
  12. My Purple Kush-hybrid auto has been an extremely low-maintenance plant this year. My Sativa/Indica hybrid (actual strain unknown) has gotten eaten up by bugs, been droopy, and has had a few other problems, all while sitting next to my auto. The auto has been perky and healthy no matter what. Probably won't yield quite as much as the big girl (the auto is preflowering and only 2 feet tall!) but its been an easy plant to care for.

  13. People were burned on Autos during the first wave in the 90s. Much like LEDs...1st wave sucked. In the EU right now Autos are all the rage but in the US its not. A recent mag can't remember which called it Autoflower 2.0. Potentcy is there, yields are there as well. Its a great plant.
  14. as I can see right now a/f is an easy to grow plant, less affected by bugs and diseases, guaranteed harvest. Though it is not as potent as regular strains, much less yielding and has worse taste. Am i right?

    So it is basically a choice between hassle-free grow and quality.
  15. pretty much. then again, if you think about it, if you grew and flowered a regular plant in the time a auto grows, you would get the same yield. but yes, potency does drop off a bit, and the taste is not as good. idk about how resistant to bug and disease the auto is, but they do pretty well. its mainly just a convenience factor. do you have the time and money to do a full grow from spring to fall, or do you want something in 3 months?
  16. Well on Potentcy there right up there. Anyone tells you different there wrong. My afghan kush world of seeds says 22% THC. Now that is subjective since when you harvest how well you took care of the plant impacts that. 22% is right up there with the strongest MJ plants around. Also what the seed banks report is based on there perfect ideal grows.

    As for taste..hell no its not worse. I wish you could smell my jar of Afghan Auto bud. It smells like chocolate almost. Much better then my jars of White Widow or California Blue Hash I have.

    Yield...well thats sujective to. Large plants do not necessarily give you more bud, small plants can also give you a lot of bud. People on here tend to talk about what they read rather then do a lot of times so take what GCers say with a grain of salt including myself :). Your best bet is to just buy some and grow them.
  17. It is not "ditch weed". There is cannabis indica, sativa, and RUDERALIS. The cannabis ruderalis is actually the strongest of the three and can survive hasher conditions. The auto flowering strains are just cannabis ruderalis, and they do have awards for autoflowering strains they are just not as popular.
  18. I take you are doing them outdoors?
    I have seen some autos get big outside :smoke:

    I didn't really enjoy the first autos I tried but I had to throw them in with my 12/12 flowering ladies as I didn't want to flower them in my veg area under CFL's. First one I tried was a freebie from attitude (G13 labs quick silver) I still got an oz dry and it was potent enough. My friend did one outside though and she got huge and was a much better smoke then my indoor 12/12.

    The World Of Seeds stuff I tried was much more potent, they getting better for sure.

    Believe it or not people can still mess up an auto grow, I've seen a few on here with tiny yield due to low light, root bound and I've seen hermies but not in my crops. I'd say they do yeild less but they usually finish faster than the non-auto strains. Some of them taste lush :smoke:
  19. Quite a controversy Autoflowering causes. Your best bet to anyone is grow and try. If you do not like don't grow it again. Non Autoflowering btw is far from perfect as well. All depends really. If you doubt it look around on this forum and see the fail of grows that occurs in mass.
  20. can an indoor grow be affected by bugs? (hydroponics)

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