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  1. Forgive me if this seems to be a stupid question. I have never considered these strains, but now they've brought out the curiosity in me. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience growing any of the "auto" strains outdoors, and/or if they're well suited for outdoors?
  2. Many of these auto strains were developed for the outdoors in regions with short growing seasons. Lowryder was the first but it is not very potent or productive. I am going with some Guerrilla Gold this year. From what I have heard GG and it's crosses are a good smoke and much more productive than the lowryder types. Try for more info and seeds.
  3. me too! Grab them while there are still some left!
  4. but GG is not an autoflower plant. if you are lookin to harvest in july with auto's, GG is not what you want. its done in august, regardless of when u plant it.

    there are not many positive reports of guerilla grows with auto's. in fact, i have yet to read a real report of sucess outside with auto's. there are a few larger growers giving them a shot this year so we will see soon
  5. I know a 2 growers that have tried them outdoors w/ good results, however they felt they were not worth the effort b/c of the yield they produced. Autos are well suited for outdoors, especially in areas w/ short grow seasons. The 2 people I know that tried them, grew 2 crops of Auto AK and Auto Blueberry and both were very successful, one was planted in early April and harvested in mid July, the other was planted in mid May and was harvested in late August.

    As for Lowryder, and Lowryder 2, neither are very potent strains, Lowryder 2 being somewhat more potent than the original Lowryder b/c Santa Maria was used in the cross. I would go w/ the excellent Auto strains offered by Lowlife b/c they have used a unique breeding technique which has carried on the auto gene while keeping most of the characteristics of the strain it was crossed with. Granted, Auto AK47 is not going to be as potent as the original, but it is not that much less potent either.

    I would go w/ some Auto Hybrids. The Auto AK's can grow to 3 ft tall, which is tall for a auto strain. Give them a try and give us a grow report. I do know indoors the Auto AK's are beast and give a really good yield considering the size.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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