auto flowering strains and 400w hps questions

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    High everyone!!!! im about to start a grow journal in feb and had a question about lighting... ok, i have a 400 watt hps and was wondering if my plants will stress starting seedlings out under the hps??? if not, how far should i keep the light away from the seedlings?? note that i have a regular oscillating fan blowing straight up at the hps blowing the hot air off and out of the grow room. and also, how far away should the hps be away from the plants at week 2 when the plants are becoming strong? i was thing 1 1/2 to 2 feet away. and i was thinking 3 feet away during seedling. please correct me if im wrong. also,whats a good idea for something to set my plants on for drainage? how about milk crates setting in kitty litter boxes!! lol tell me what you think!!!:hello::wave: BTW the strain will be auto ak or lowryder # 2
  2. just start the 400hps further away than u normally would
  3. I know this, I'm asking exact distances!
  4. :eek::(:wave::hello::D:rolleyes::smoke::confused:anybody here like food when they're stoned?????:D:cool::hello::wave::):mad:
  5. 18.453543948182 inches away

    i dunno man, i have 2 top44s and 2 power skunks under a 400 watt and have the light probably 3 ft away (they arent stretching either) i have to have it far away bc of heat
  6. lol!!!:hello: + rep for funny!! dude i hear top44 is pretty freakin' nice!! gl w/ that man!!:rolleyes:
  7. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  8. ok i get, i'll stick my hand under the light and all that mumbo jumbo!!! i need to get my seeds first though!!!:wave:
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    ideally I would go 10 -12" away, and let them grow until you need to move the light.

    You can use the "my hand is to hot" technique to judge distance. Just keep a fan on it and you should have no problems.

    What autoflowering strain are you thinking of growing? You should check out my D.R. grow.

  10. i've been subscribed to your grow bro. and i want to do auto ak but they arent in stock so i might have to do lr #2 and white dwarf!!
  11. I grew my Auto ak47 under 400watt hps through the whole thing, seedlings I keep it about 2 feet away and I also did this with my Mirkado and both have grown very nicely so far with no stretching at all! good luck bro!
  12. hey thx for the input!!! any good soil mix recommendations>???

    I was thinking 15 percent perlite 10 percent vermac and 75 ffof!!!

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