Auto flower transplanting

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  1. Long story short I started a grow it is Nirvanas short rider strain but I started it in a 1 gallon pot it definitely needs to be in a bigger pot but the taboo is never transplant auto flowers can someone help please. The plant is 3 weeks old btw.[​IMG]

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  2. Fabric pots make this a little easier. I transplant autos sometimes, but very rarely. Squeeze the sides of the pot gently to loosen soil from the pot,

    Get new pot ready, fill with soil and leave a hole about the size of your current pot.

    Lay down a tarp or garbage bag or something. It gets messy, take the girl and slide her stem between your middle and ring finger, this way your palm is sitting on top of the soil, give her a flip and gently pull the pot off. And plant her in the new hole. Give some water ( i add root enhancer ) and add soil to desired height.

    Shouldnt be to bad.

    Good luck!

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  3. If that's a fabric pot. Just get a pot twice as big. Cut the bottom off, massage the roots and plant it as if it were a raised bed. You can even skip cutting the bottom for zero stress since the roots grow through the fabric pots. No transplant stress. More room for roots.

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