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  1. I wanted to start a thread that focuses on Auto Flower Strains.So here it is,, I hope all of us auto growers can pull together and make this a useful thread.I'm currently doing a small breeding project with autos and have a little trouble finding info here because auto threads are not in the same place.So if there's a decent thread on autos link it here as well.T.Y.
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  2. im starting an auto-flower as well, so this could be a useful thread. i'll post what ever info i find and my results as they flow through.
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    Welcome, spread the word to the auto growers you know here please.:wave:

    Found this write up on Low Ryder from Joint Dr.

    OFFICIAL LOWRYDER GROW GUIDE (10/04) - written by the Joint doctor

    Preferred growing methods

    Indoors, Lowryder performs very well in soil mix (pots or beds) or in soil-less systems, where it can be cultivated from seed to bud in two months – 18 hours of light per day is recommended all the way through. Switching light cycles down to 12 hours may diminish yields and shorten the already-short life cycle slightly. Because Lowryder’s life cycle is so brief, cloning becomes impracticable, so only plants from seed are grown. By default, Lowryder is a great choice for sea-of-green.

    Because flowering plants and seedlings can be maintained in the same room, Lowryder presents new possibilities for the small to medium home grower, including “staggering” your indoor harvest. A true continuous harvest system may be achieved by planting new plants periodically to replace the ones that have been harvested. This ensures that a grow
    room is always full and always producing fresh bud, and one never has too much work at once. Click here to learn more about the Joint Doctor’s “1-2-3” continuous harvest method.

    For best results, place jiffy pellet or plant directly into 1-2 gal.pots. Alternatively, start in 4-inch peat pots, then place
    rootbound females into a plant bed after sexing (at approx. 17-20 days) – this may result in smaller plants than the first method. Grown under a 12 to 24 hour/daylight cycle from start to finish. I recommend 18 hours per day; this can be decreased to 16 after the first month with no loss of yield.

    Outdoors: sow directly into soil after soaking, in 2 gal. pots or plant beds. New stands of Lowryder can be planted up until late summer, to ensure a continuous harvest outdoors. Avoid transplanting if you can, but do so if plants become rootbound. Rogue (remove) males at three weeks.

    Growth Factors

    Lowryder is extremely versatile in that it can be cultivated in virtually any climate or grow environment. In fact, it has pushed the envelope of growing, enabling early harvests in unlikely places like Finland, the North West Territories, and other northern, short-season, or high altitude areas. It is also well-adapted to backyard gardens, windowsills and patios where plants can be easily concealed because of their tiny size.

    Nothing will mature earlier or faster than Lowryder! When other varieties have barely begun flowering, Lowryder outdoor growers are kicking up their feet and already enjoying their fresh harvests.


    Lowryder virtually does away with the vegetative growth stage: it passes almost immediately from the seedling stage to the flowering period. To our knowledge, Lowryder has the shortest known life cycle and height in the cannabis species.
    Male plants may be identified as such after approx. 17-20 days, while females show themselves a couple days later. Plants will even flower under a continuous light regime.

    Lowryder females usually grow no taller than 16-20 inches. 12-16 inches is typical. Light intensity, pot size, and proper pH all play an important role in determining the size of plants at maturity – the better the conditions, the bigger the yield. Plants produce one main cola, although when they receive adequate light, lower nodes branch out profusely.

    Yield and height are dependent on obvious growth factors. For example, plants kept in small peat cups on a windowsill may yield as little as 1 g. and grow no taller than 6 inches, with no branching whatsoever; while a plant in a 4-gallon container under high-intensity lighting and good cultivation methods, can turn into a profusely branched, two-foot wide 45-gram bud monster.

    Fertilizer: During the first two weeks of growth, Lowryder should be weekly light feedings of a “grow” type nutrient solution, with micronutrients. When plants pass into full flower, they should be started on a “bloom” regime for weeks 4 through 6. Mycorise-type biological amendments (root stimulators) seem to increase growth significantly.

    Average flowering time
    Indoors: 40-45 days (after a 15-20 day seedling stage)
    Outdoors: ripens approx. 60 days after seed is sown.
    Note: 100% of plants display the auto-flowering genotype.

    12 inches. Minimum: 5 inches, maximum 16 inches (very light-dependent, with slight phenotype variations).

    Depending on light and other factors, Lowryder yields up to 45 g – one report even claims 96 g for one exceptional plant under hydroponics. Extremely light-dependent in terms of yield. Without adequate conditions, plants may stay extremely small, almost comically so – but still produce a decent smoke.

    Buds are compactand close-quartered, slightly irregular and variable, with high bud/leaf ratio. Thick pistils, with orange coloration, and medium-sized, individual calyxes. Tends to be top-heavy indoors. Typically, budding sites start very close to the ground.

    High is uplifting, surprisingly strong. Well-rounded. Best suited for outdoor activities. Smoke is smooth with pleasant, earthy undertones. Smell is not overpowering. Unique flavor, with echoes of NL and William’s Wonder in the bouquet.

    JD on nutes:

    I get alot of requests for more info on nutrient needs for Lowryder. This is a hard question to answer as it depends how much money you want to shell out for nutrient products.

    I get Advanced Nutrient products (many say the best) at a discount and I have adapted their formula for my own use. Advanced Nutrients provides a complete program for an 8-week grow and has a guide for different growing mediums.

    For the first two weeks, I use what they recommend for seedlings.

    Then I use the Micro 2+ Light Feeding program for the rest of their life cycle. I usually skip week 3 and 5 to bring it down to a 6 week program which I begin as soon as LRs are sexed.

    I know it sounds complicated. Obviously all this is not needed.

    As a rule of thumb, treat Lowryders like seedlings for the first 2-3 weeks, then switch them onto a light bloom program. So, you feed them a seedling/transplanting formula the first 2 weeks, then switch to a bloom fertilizer with something like a 5-10-5 or 1-2-1 ratio of N-P-K.

    Give them a feeding of bloom fertilizer every week on weeks 3,4,5,6. Just pH-balanced water on week 7. Flushing solution on week 8.

    ...or for organic freaks, just plant into organic soil mix with bat guano mixed in... and put away the calculator... .
  4. this is a very helpful thread. Finaly someone with some info on outdoor with autoflowers. Have you had any personal experience with them outside?
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    This will be my 3rd Summer growing autos outdoors.I'm not the most experienced auto grower but I have gotten multi- crops each of my 2 previous summer grows.Simply start batches of seeds every 7-10 days and as you sex them set them outside.starting in late April set out some plants each weeks say 10 to 20 sexed seedlings and you are going to be harvesting every week starting in July.Expect an ounce to 4 oz off each plant.Expect to harvest a higher percentage of plants due to their low profile and the fact that people arn't looking for plants in full flower in July, cops included.I would usually get 80% of em back as opposed to 40% the old way.
  6. I am currently growing 4 Low Ryders (#1) and 1 Onyx. All on day 17 above ground. I'm going to start 6 Diesel Ryders when these babies reach day 35 so I can harvest every 5-6 weeks give or take.

    I have found it takes 63 to 77 days ABOVE GROUND to fully mature. You can't count the week +/- it takes to germinate and pop up out of the soil. You are not gonna harvest every 60 days from seed. My last grow with Easy Ryders took 77 days above ground and pulled 28g dry on average each.

    I use a 180w LED (12 to 14 inches above) and 8 23w cfl's in a closet with Mylar on the walls. A couple of fans. It's pretty ghetto but effective.
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    Correct 2-3 weeks veg. then 60 days to flower out.I just call it 80 days , but it can be as short as 65 or as long as 90 total day.My system for outdoors is sex them indoors then set them out as soon as sex is shown.So by the time you set them out they are 5-8 inches tall and been growing 3 weeks.60 days outdoors and it's chop time.Total 80 days give or take.
  8. How tall are they when you chop them?
    Any pics?
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  10. Most all of my plants turn out around 1' tall.

  11. Indoors?do you use container size to keep them small?
  12. I am very interested in anyone who has first hand experience with World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder. I was given one that was a freebie and also a friend just purchased 2 of them. Trying to research this particular strain I am def not liking what I am reading.
    They say they are femmed seeds but complaints of males abound and hermies too. Also have heard that they do not automatically go into flower like they are bred to do. I have read that some grower flipped lights to 12-12 after 60 days to get em to show flower at all.

    I am doing the freebie right now and it has been above ground for just over 2 weeks now. I is branching big time and have never had a plant this wide at anywhere near 2 weeks of age.

    any help sugs or comments will be appreciated blades
  13. Any recommendations from people for choosing an autoflower strain? I have been looking and considering purchasing some. One in particular I saw that I was very interested in was vertigo automatic (expensive seeds and looks very very potent)but I doubt anyone has experience with that yet (looks new). It seems tons of new autoflowering strains have popped up recently so I am looking for some recommendations.
  14. Nothing better than Auto Ak47 for yield and potency.It's the best plant for a combo of yield and potency.They commonly reach 3ft tall outdoors and produce 4-8 ounces of dank rock hard buds.Nice solid 1.5ft long colas on my last batch.
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    Yes indoors is all I've ever done. I guess the 1.75 gallon container has a lot to do with it? I think the LED is responsible as well. The internodes are literally right on top of each other. I would like to switch to a HPS sometime this summer, but as of right now I'm getting good results.

    Here's a couple of pics from my last grow at various stages.

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  16. Yep pot size is the key to controlling size on these girls indoors.If you had 2.5-5 gal pots, size would increase accordingly.I'm trying to keep this seed crop under 1 ft tall. Kept em in 2 oz dixie cups till sexed.Now in a DWC unit.So the growth will take off now.They are 3-5 inches and sexed.Had they been in gallon pots they would of been 1 ft tall by the time they sexed and finished at 20inces to 24 inches tall.
  17. I thought I would link this to an auto flower resources thread I have been reading on another site.It is the biggest thread like this I've found.

    Autoflower Thread & Resource Guide
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    Pics. of my grow so far this winter...

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  19. u can always check out the joint doctors developments .
    He has about the most experience in autos I think.
    Diesel Ryder is one of his strains. Also lowlive seeds
    are recommend.

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