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  1. Ok so how strong are auto flowers...I live in Texas where it gets very hot... anyway I want to plant a couple of the Amnesia Haze Feminized Auto-Flower seeds outside...a couple questions... Should I put them somewhere that's shaded during the hottest part if the day or just out in the open...full sun the entire day? Can autos be topped like photoperiod plants? Please help! I really want to get these suckers in the ground ASAP... Have 3 soaking in water now and will be putting them in some Fox Farms soil in a starter pod!

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  2. Autos are nice because they can be in pretty much any lighting, even intense, full sun. Throw them out in the sunniest part of your property.

    Nope, it's not a great idea to top an auto flower. It will still provide you with two tops, but you'll probably have overall decreased yields. Explanation:
    - Autoflowers begin flowering at a pre-determined point in their life. The veg length cannot be extended for them, and topping should only be done in veg. If you waste a few of those limited veg days on recovering from topping, the plant will have two tops, but it will be smaller, in general, than it would have been.

    Be chill, man! Leave them in water for no more than 24 hours. If they haven't popped a taproot by then, place them -not touching each other- in a damp (not dripping a lot of water but thoroughly wet) paper towel in a warm spot (high 70s F), and cover them so it's dark. Check on them every day until they pop their taproot. Once they do, place them taproot down in your starter pod or even directly in damp soil about 1/4 inch down. Gently pat the soil down, and water it thoroughly.

    Most important thing: when something unexpected happens throughout your grow, react slowly. Research your problem, and be slow to make changes. The biggest problems that I've had in my grows, I've caused myself by trying to fix another problem. I should've just let them work themselves out.
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  3. I topped my autoflowers no problems but u guess it's up to you

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  4. what was the seed to harvest time? was it a longer growing strain?
  5. That's what I was thinking...I'm looking now trying to find the longer growing strains!

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  6. No affiliation with this site, but they have an easy search bar on the left side.

    Check the box for autoflower and super auto, check the box for the length that you want, and click the 'Show' button at the bottom.

    Seed Banks - Sensible Seeds

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