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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Quazi93, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, first post here. Having a problem with auto flowers not flowering. So first of all some set-up specs

    • Started with 5 Fem Blue Mystic, 5 Fem Northern Lights and 5 Fem Jock Horror (All from Nirvana).
    • 4 of the BM turned out Male, while one was female(Aware of the problems with nirvana's BM)
    • Running an 18-site aeroflo
    • Under a 400-watt HPS, was previously (About a week ago) under a 300-watt L.E.D. if relevant
    • Using all Fox Farm nutes, including solubles (ex. Open Sesame)
    • PH 5.5, PPM/EC 2.2

    • Currently in week 8-9 of grow
    When I switched the light from LED to HID, I also switched the light schedule to a 12/12 hoping they would begin to flower, and so far not seeing any change. What throws me is the fact that the one BM that did turn out be female started flowering with no problem whatsoever which lead me to rule out any possible problems with the nutrients or light cycle(Was under an 18/6 at the time). And also makes me think it may be a completely bad batch of seeds(knock on wood). Therefore I'm kinda out of ideas here :confused:, any solutions or advice would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for Reading
  2. whats ur opinion of the LED's
    are they the UFO LED's or just normal LEDs ive heard UFO is meant to be the way foward 90W of UFO LED is supposed to be the equilent of 600W HPS:)
  3. I was impressed with its performance, and it is just a regular LED. They do have a great light output and you can't beat the low heat/stealth benefits they provide.

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