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  1. hey hey fellow weedaholics so today I decided to get a grow journal going I am going to describe set up in a bit but first my misadventures (already!!) so I successfully germinated and sprouted 4 seeds in one pot ..... que the groans .... and after reading a lot realised I couldn't leave the plants all in the same pot so removed all but one it was a little heartbreaking .... so I now have one lovely seedling with its first leaves and it seems to be loving life right now ... unfortunately I don't have pictures to upload right now but I will ... so I have a grow tent 80x80x120 one fan and carbon filter extracting air and another inside oscillating and blowing the plant gently I'm growing under 5w led full spectrum red and blue mixed ... que more groans ... the soil I'm using is coco something it's a light soil mixed with perlite to give the plant plenty of oxygen to the roots temperature is 68 f and humidity sits at 40% I haven't ph'd my water I'm using bottled that contains calc and mag in small quantities as I've heard those nutrients are important plus the ph of the water is 6.5 says so on the bottle , so that's my set up and my plant is femenised so 98% chance she will be a she not a he am currently very excited and plan to update regularly with random pics thoughts and questions to the wonderfull community here as this is my first grow any feedback would be wonderfull she is in a 8 galleon pot (forgot to mention that!) so that's it for my first post seems like a lot of journals just end halfway this won't !! I can promise that so sub for the ride and let's see what happens !!!

    Jamez :)
  2. I'll sub up. Why toss the other seedlings and not re-pot? I'm going to give you a little advice. When taking pics and asking for help, turn off the blurple lights. Read a lot of journals. You will see multiple grow methods, problems, remedies and final harvests. Another thing is to research prior to a certain step. Don't start topping or supercropping, take a pic and then ask if you did it right. Do your homework and ask any questions first.. Also, this being your first grow, don't get too down if you don't harvest what you are hoping for. Especially being an auto. They can be very finicky. Sensitive to transplanting, supercropping, and topping. Some say that they don't have issue, but most advise against it. Use lst to open it up and encourage more growth and to give light to lower bud sites. And what ever you do, don't gauge your cannabis growing skills by this grow. Autos are different than photos in a lot of ways. Good luck. Hmu anytime if you have a question.
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  3. Hello after the shot and thank you for the advice a little background I'm growing this strain and an auto flower because I hated the idea of messing up a photo through inexperience and this strain has high cbd content as a friend has MS and half of the harvest is going to my friend to see if it helps with the pain , I also chose an auto because they 'seem' easier to grow plus after reading a lot can produce fairly good yields if treated right with Lst and the right environment lighting however I invested heavily in LED lights top end and am thinking of adding extra lighting next month as the plant will most likely still be in veg and I definitely will be asking the fellow growers here before doing anything major or minor my first real question to anyone viewing this is what would you buy lighting wise if money wasn't a problem , I'm also considering starting another seed in a DWC hydroponic system with added air stones to oxygenate the water plus the correct nutrients etc but that's a bit far off I don't want to get ahead of myself so for now anyone viewing this just the one question for now what lighting would you purchase if money didn't matter I have a large disposable portion of income that I'm going to dedicate to this grow Thank you
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  4. If money was no object, I'd probably go with a DIY Cob and Quantum board combo.

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