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  1. Hey guys really needing some help with nutrients for auto flowers . I know the doseages of nutes to give and all but i know you mix so much of the nutes in water but then how much of the water with nutes in it do you give the plant???? Do you give it the whole gallon are is there a certian amount im going to be ising fox farm everything for my first grow please help .
    Only thing im conffused on and it will be outdoor.
  2. You give the plant as much water as it needs, nothing changes there.
    Be sure to start with a lower amount of nutes to begin with and work your way up. 1/4, then 1/2, then full strength is what most people do.
  3. You're supposed to give enough water to get a 15% runoff. The reason you want a 15% runoff is to leach out salts that build up over time from the bottled nutes.
  4. Thank you guys a lot . @fluffykush & @M3DICIN3MAN420 thanks for the help . Gonna be starting my first grow outdoor prob around april 1st with some autos .
    And trying to learn it all . but i have another question with photoperiod plants like when would be the best time to palnt them outdoor cuz i lnow they won't flower till ot gets around 12/12 are something close to that i live in the southeast of the US. Any tips for me?!
  5. Well, didn't know that. Thanks fluffy.

    OP I have never grown outdoors. Sorry I can't be more help. But if you put them out in April with the autos they would be monster by the time Oct hit!
    Good luck
  6. Alight we are gonna see how it goes soon ! But anything i might need to know for my first grow that i might not know ? I know a lot and do a lot of research but just trying to know as much as possbile befor then.

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