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  1. so ive been doing a crap load of research on traditional grow methods...but do to time constraints and my level of patience i need something faster... my plan was for a 6x6 set up in which i was gonna a run in soil... well i have my medicinal card and im tired of having to chase around my "care giver".. so here are my questions

    1. can i still use my 1000 watt hps/mh lighting set up i originally planned
    2. can these be grown in 5 gallon pots, ive seen a lot of threads where people complain about size but those who have experience knows the size of your pot effects over all output, but is 5 gallons overkill?
    3. how is the quality, i wanted to do something like onyx but ive read many mixed reviews mostly about small plants... or some LR
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    Autoflower = Easier

    Traditional = Bigger yield (however ak47 has a good yield)
    I recommend LEDs over HPS, LEDs are more energy/cost efficent, and you could get 2 90 watt ufo LEDs for less than a 1000 watt HPS. But, yeah you can use the 1000 watt hps, you dont need a 5 gallon pot unless it can grow 5 ft.
    Also traditional strains tend to have better highs, such as white widow.
    autoflowering plants are faster and easier, I recommend ak47 if you're gonna do autoflowering.
  3. autoflower has less thc too

    traditional ftw!! always!
  4. Thats what I said, but they are easier, ALOT easier.

    But hey if you want a nice plant, that doesn't take long to grow, grow some afghan. But with your setup I recommend growing Sativa.
  5. well, if u ask me... i have grown traditional outdoors and currently switched to autoflower indoor...
    Advantages of autoflower :
    1. Time (3weeks veg time and 5 weeks flower is pretty fast)
    2. Space (u only need a closet and in 3 moths you have 200-500grams of good weed)
    3. Less complex (light schedule don't change, usually 20/4 or 24/0 veg and 20/4 flower).
    Disadvantage of autoflower :
    1. Less THC
    Example : Serious Seeds AK47 is rated at abt 21-22% THC
    Grass-o-Matic AutoAK(SS AK47+Joint doc Lowryder#1) is rated at 18-19% THC
    I don't really see a huge difference in potency, i gladly sacrifice 2-3% THC for the advantages you get.
    2. Less yield - yeah well, not all of us have huge space to grow traditional.
    AK47 - 200-300g/plant(takes up a square meter diameter and above 1m high)
    AutoAK - 40-70g/plant(4x Autoak takes up a square meter diameter and max 60-70cm high) .... soo again, i go with autoflower cuz difference in yield is not much if u add up the space it takes to grow.

    If you are curious check out my closet grow, i don't even have max 1 square meter of grow area and i do have 9 plants that i'm growing.
  6. led's havent got a pach on hps/mh imo
  7. hey guys thanks for the input... I plan on switching to traditional eventually just do to time demands i wanted to try the auto flower... do i still use the same nutrients that i normally would?

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