Auto fem seeds in west coast

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  1. Hey guys i'm looking for feminized autoflower seeds online hoping someone has a website
  2. Seedsman, Attitude, King Crop Seeds(never tried but i can pick them up at my grow shop and they ship all over canada and usa)
  3. i got 12 of Crop kings Candy Cane auto going right now and they are quite vigorous little beastys. just starting to show pistils halfway through week 3 and supposed to flower 7 weeks, im expecting around-90 days seed to harvest....not bad in my book.
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  4. That sounds great Im deft gonna buy some when I get the cash right, those are expensive seeds
  5. yeah they are pricey but crop king is one of the fastest at shipping I have found... I have recieved seeds in as little as 3-4 days in middle of US. And I like that they provided me with a tracking number 1 day after my order. Great customer service in my book
  6. Have a look at they are a breeder but they will ship to US without any issues.
  7. the vault cannabis bank

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