Auto diesel berry anyone grown this before?

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  1. Nyc diesel x berry ryder. Mine is 4 weeks old tomorrow. I think I may of stunted her by transplanting... so far does she look happy? Also another thing with autoflowers, those of you who have experience how much past the estimated harvest date have you pushed your plant and have had good results? Saw someone who went over 100 days on a auto? I don't intend to go that long but from what I've read a week or two from estimated date most are ready?

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    they look way better than the last set of pictures. definitely recovering from that transplant. even if it is stunted behind the others a little, it should bounce back, yield will probably take a hit because of it though. They definitely look better than my last ones, lol.
    The harvest time is just like the yield estimates from seed banks, its an average based on perfect circumstances. i regularly see autoflower grows both here and elsewhere that go over that estimate. i just plan to add a little time on to whatever the seed bank says. just like i dont ever expect to get the estimated yield (something like 300-600gr/m2 depending on strain).
    How often/how much do you water with that soil/pot combo? (i think we have the same pots. the 10" ones from walmart?)

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