Auto day 50 not flowering?

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  1. 14995669409251250447353.jpg I have 2 dwc cheese auto flowe 50 days old n there pretty big n there are some hairs growing were the tops are.. Are they the start of buds? My soil plant is a week younger n alot smaller but is budding. Since my dirt plant budded my dwc will also right? Or do i need a little darkness? And if i do use 12 hrs darkness. Does it have to be completly dark. Id rather turn light off durring the day when its hotter. But theres a little light from the windown n house lamp that will get in my grow area . i been running 24 hrs light. N like i said my dirt plant budding alot more then these are
  2. Are they the same strain? Are they on the same light schedule and are the in the same temp and humidity conditions? Also autos the light schedule isn't to important just make sure you don't change it to often or it will stress the plants. Some people even easily lean off 24 hours just to be on the safe side. Like go to 18/6 for a week then go to 12/12 if that's what you'd like to do.

    Also could possibly be a issue with nutes? Hard to say honestly but it honestly is probably nothing

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  3. Could you get pics of the soil plants also to see comparison

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  4. It look like it is budding but if not it need to be in 12/12 completely dark no light whatsoever I have a auto that did that to me it didn't flower it just kept growing growing until I put it in 12/12 like a photoperiod strain some times autos have bad genetics because breeders stress feminized seed and sometimes had bad genetics but it should still work

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  5. Yes they are. All that craziness you see going on at the top of the plant is it beginning to put on buds/flowers. Keep your light cycle right and keep throwing that light to it and looks like you'll get a nice little harvest off that one. You've got something out of balance nutrient wise though. The yellow striping on the outside of the leaves is telling you something....likely a potassium deficiency. That's normally what it means when you have striping on the outer edges of the leaves. When you have color changes on the foliage (leaves) of the new growth, the plant is talking to you. I would stick with the soil grow method until I get a basic education regarding how the plant grows and what it needs. To be a green grower and deal with a DWC/hydro setup is a lot more complicated and you have no base knowledge to work off of. After you grow a few in soil, you have a much better understanding of the process and the plant and attempting it with another method makes much more sense. But the more you understand about the plant, how it grows and what it needs during the different stages of life, the better outcome you'll get.

    With the autos, light schedule doesn't matter at all. Pour the light to it 24 hrs/7 until you harvest it. It is genetically triggered to go through cycles instead of triggered by hours of light. With a normal photo strain, you have to have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness. Interrupting the hours of light can cause your plant to put on seeds. But with the autos, it doesn't matter and the more and better light the plant gets, the better it's going to produce.
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  6. 50 days?! My autos normally start flowering after 3:4 weeks

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  7. I thought my autos dwc were doing good..mainly cause they were growing so fast n big... But i know i been having heat issues... And im running general hydroponics 3 part series n just doing what it says on the bottles... Also i used some cal mag and sugar daddy and thrive alive.. My dwc is litteraly 2times the size of my 4 gallon air pot... Here what the dirt pot has 14996288863381172344084.jpg
  8. I think i was just stressing cause its only sapose to have 10 days left n its just starting to bud. But obviously its gonna take more then 60 days total. How long you think till harvest? Heres my dwc right now 14996296700321020536616.jpg

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