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  1. Legal to grow 4 plants for personal in Canada so I bought a high CBD strain called Auto Critical from Sonoma Seeds from a local seed seller here in Vancouver called Crop King (Auto Critical CBD Seeds | Sonoma Cannabis Seeds).

    need to keep them under lock and key due to teenagers with dumbass friends hanging around. Good kids but if the word gets out there are plants they might go missing one night...

    Plants are about 4 weeks and looking healthy. I have them in a greenhouse that is partially shaded in the morning. Good sun after noon and they spend time in full sun when I am home to move them from the greenhouse to the deck. I
    • I might be watering too much so was letting them dry a little the last few days.
    • Also was using a 1/4 strength solution of miracle grow.
    • Soil is a mix of composted soil/veg and a variety of potting soils and stuff I had in the greenhouse beds (I am not very scientific about this stuff).
    This morning I noticed tiny holes on two of the plants larger leaves. I do not see any bugs anywhere.
    1) Leave them and monitor or
    2) start spraying with safer's soap?

    I'd hate to lose these ladies. I was looking forward to some of my own high CBD medicine.

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  2. it def
  3. Thanks! Haha!
  4. Anyone have any ideas about the holes in the leaves? It is worse today
  5. they look like caterpillar nibbles buddy
  6. Thanks. I bought some Safer's soap from my local grower supply place. He said it should work and be OK to use while still in veg growth stage.
  7. If you can get yourself some of this
    Monterey BT , good from veg to flower .

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  8. Thanks!
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