Auto Cream Caramel and Bubblegum (both feminised) 1st grow

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    Directly from Brazil, I'm growing two seeds, Auto Cream Caramel and the other one Bubblegum, they are 7 and 3 days respectively.

    Thanks and jah bless!

    Auto Cream Caramel
    (first two pictures)

    Day 9





    (third picture)

    Day 5


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  2. Cant see the pics! : /
  3. fixed, sorry. first two are cream, third one bubblegum
  4. What are you using for light? If using a windowsill, you should probably just keep them outside after a transplant for sooo much more light/lumens and more bud. Disguise it into a corner of other plants.
  5. Yes I am using a windowsill and I pretend to keep it that way at least until both plants reach 2-3 weeks.

    I suppose they don't need that much light at this time.

    Thanks a lot for commenting and later, I will probably going to use lights instead of sun, since in my porch there are so many little ants and I don't want them hanging on my plants.

    Also, is their size normal? I've seen threads here with 2 weeks they got two large leaves...
  6. They dont get enough light, theyre probably light deprived. Get em under the best and cheapest option: the SUN or under a 150w HPS inside. Suggest outside asap, or they wont even bud a lot. My autos already were flowering at day 8-14 so.. yours look a bit behind.

    No nutes for autos till week 3-ish and no topping or stressful training with autos.

    Peace and goodluck.
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    So you recommend me to take both to the sun right away?

    Won't they get sun burns?

    I think I will have to buy the HPS instead, but wouldn't you recommend me a HQI since I suppose they're better for veg??

    I could give sun to them but I need to make sure the little sugar ants won't hurt them.
  8. Sun is best and cheapest. Your autos flower QUICK and are in veg shorty. They will veg for only a week or 2, 3 max for some autos. HPS is for flower, and I would go with that because it will also help get your plants a bit taller before flowering. But put em outside if you cant get a light as soon as possible, and piss around them so no ants come by- the ammonia in pee keeps em away I believe. Or buy some insect repellent spray and spray around the plant but not on it.
  9. That Pee thing is really impressive she will take sun tomorrow
  10. my plant was on sun and I haven't noticed any changes... is it stuck???
  11. Need help here I'm afraid she will not make it if it doesn't start developing soon.
  12. New photo auto cc

  13. Cant see pics, leave her outside and put a little plate or something over the soil so no rain affects your waterings/feedings.
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    lol how I hate dropbox... uploading to photobucket
  15. She looks fine, looks great, just a little behind.
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    Do you think it has developed from the last picture and those two bellow?

    I know I should NOT touch it but I had to so I could take a good shot.


  17. New bubblegum picture uploaded.
  18. Unfortunely it got overwatered, waiting for it to dry out...

  19. Water every like 3-4 days, or when she looks like she needs it. Overwatering and pH issues always bite new growers in the ass.
  20. wow man I was watering like once a day lol could that have made the plant slower?

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