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  1. So on the 28th it popped up still had seed shell stuck on seedling removed that later that day and this morning I went ahead and took a few pics. I actually forgot when I planted seed but I know it was last week around Thursday-Friday Night so I said Thursday and atm its on day 5.

    Mars II 400 LED
    FoxFarm Ocean Soil

    This here is a AUTO Narcotic Kush

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  2. No clue if it has deficiencies or not it looks like it has a faded green.

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  3. It looks fine. Sometimes the soil holds to much water for the seedling. It will grow out of it quick. She will be growing fast.
    Dont mess with it. What light schedule?
  4. It's 18/6
    But some guy said I might have a deficiency called Boron cause it looks like this kinda now.

    This is not my plant I just didn't feel like getting up but the yellow spots look like that.
  5. The seedling is just getting used to the nutrients in the soil. Just make sure to keep the water pH proper 6.2 - 6.5, and don't over-water.
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  6. Ok so don't mix the calmag and water just water and adjust ph?
  7. I had the same thing happen few weeks ago. She should sort herself out. Keep an eye open if the situation worsens, but I doubt it will.

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  8. Your Good...I would just keep doing what your doing. Lightly water and make sure you dont splash water on the plant. At this stage its all about it sending out the roots. Do not overreact.
    I would give it more light. 20/4.
    LAter MoonRocky
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  9. Ok so this is Day 14 I have no clue what to do atm I don't like how it looks but I am guessing its fine, but I do wanna know how to fix do I fix ph level or do I add 1/4 or 1/2 Cal-Mag to next watering?

  10. @norubbers , unfortunately those injured leaves will never recover. When you get more new growth just go ahead and remove the injured leaves.

    Your soil is looking nice and dry now, so time for pH water (I aim for 6.2 - 6.5 for soil, even though the safe margin is larger than that). Just give it like 250 mL around it's stem and wait for it to dry out again.
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  11. Awww mannn lol ok so 6.2-6.5 alright and 250mL, so I don't add any CalMag right just fix ph.
  12. Looking forward to checking out this grow. Keep us updated :)
  13. Thanks

    And @Senseimillan I just watered it ph to 6.2 it read so it might have been 6.2 - 6.3.
  14. Sounds good @norubbers.

    Quick question, are you using tap water? If yes, it already has calcium. You need to find out if your municipality is treating your tap water with chlorine or chloramine. They are different, and it's important to know which is in your tap water so you can properly treat it before giving it to your plants.

    If it is chlorinated, you may just leave the water out for 24 hours and the chlorine in it will evaporate. If this is too much waiting, a simple activated carbon filter will remove it. A Brita style filter will work temporarily, I recently learned of a carbon filter for a garden hose which I am thinking about implementing into my garden because our tapwater is chlorinated.

    If it is chloramine you need to treat the water with the Reverse Osmosis process. The reason for this is that when chloramine passes through a carbon filter, chlorine and ammonia separate, with the chlorine being trapped in the filter but the ammonia will pass through into your water. This is undesirable.

    You can add the magnesium with some epsom salt, and you will never need to pay for overpriced cal-mag supplement again.
  15. I been using water bottles we have boxes of water bottles and gallons also same brand. Other than that ya I have the CalMag Plus never used it its just there.
  16. Day 17 so far so goood

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  17. She looks fine. She wont drink that much water, So just grab a
    couple gal of water at the store. Already Filtered and RO.
    Just keep an eye on PH. I agree it should be around 6.2-.67

    Your little one will be budding soon.
  18. So when should I start Nutes? On Friday

    Which one do i start with I have all 3 of the FoxFarm Nutes.
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  19. Happy to see another led farmer. Question how far is your 400W away from the top of your girl?

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