Auto close to harvest keeps new growth again and again

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Should I harvest her now?

  1. No, wait few more days - You will get a bit more buds

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  2. Yes, cut here now to not loose cannabinoids

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    Hello buds ;)
    Thank You for Your help with recognising cal-mag defficiency. My giant girl kept growing, and now she is just one step from harvest but... She keeps making new growth on buds. She had about 95% pistils brown, bust she started making new small buds on big ones, so I wanted to give her time to grow more. She has 13 weeks, but looks like almost ready for about two. It's hard to find out, if trichromes are amber, because she is distant from "doors" to growbox, and also trichromes are small. They look like cloudy still, but is it even possible, when so much pisils got brown?
    She may has a heat and light stress (she is close to LED, but all the time blown by air).
    I wanted to get most of her giant (as for auto strain) buds, but I am afraid she will become worse.
    Is it good time? I wanted more uplifting sativa- style high (she is sativa based Moby Dick Auto), but also as much as it could get, because they are lowly dense, and I want to sell most of it.

    How could I know is this good time, when I think she got about 3 waves of new grow, when I thought she was ready?
    IMG_20190807_011945.jpg IMG_20190807_011948.jpg IMG_20190807_011957.jpg

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  2. I don't really know....but it kinda looks like the buds are taking on that "deep purple" look, from I'm thinking what you might be seeing as her turning brown due to her time to harvest, might actually be her just taking on her genetics with that beautiful color....:confused_2::smoking-bong:
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    My moby dick auto was done at 10.5 weeks , and the trichs were about 10% amber at the time of chop. Didnt look anything like yours.Yours is fox tailing most likely from light or heat stress. You are more than likely past the cloudy trich sativa high stage of the trichs. You really need to get a good look at original trichs not the fox tailed trichs. What is concerning is in pic 012741 you have a few buds that are dead brown, hopefully not a sign of bud rot. Im sure somebody else will chime in with advice.
  4. This is not oryginal Moby Dick :)
    Yep, probably I missed that stage. Yes, some are dead but it's not a rot, it's because of heat.
    Hope she didn't loose much of strenght.
    I cutted her today.
  5. By looking at the plant, I’d chop.
  6. Back lights away and cut light hours last 3 weeks like 1 hour per week. Here is a good read about light stress and all the reveg issues

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