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  1. Has anybody out there ever successfully cloned an autoflowering plant?
    I know that the odds are like nil, just inquiring.

    I am growing out something from a neighbors impregnated bud...I know, I'm asking for trouble growing out anybodys pregnant buds' seeds, but I liked the high; perfect intense high that only lasted an hour, shot right between the eyes for an hour, no comedown. Grew out this plant that grew rapidly, flowered at two weeks in veg, transfered it to my flowering room (had to, can't smell up the whole house an it's the only room I have that can handle growing buds smellwise), and took a clone.... and it's a shitty yellowing flowering clone that hates me! and I want it to grow... dammit :mad:
  2. Hi.

    It can, and is done.

    The only problem is, they are tiny plants, and no matter what,
    that flower hormone usually kicks in around 30 days, so it will
    be small (if thats a problem).

  3. hmmm... I guess given the different gentic makeup of these guys then it's 'possible' but not an easy thing to do? I'm not someone prone to screwing up cloning, and this thing isn't fairly well. My clone is already furiously trying to create buds and won't get any bigger, it's like a spent dandelion to look at. Yeah, you're right, the plant itself is small, but it didn't require much room, so it got a spot under the light; will be a 10 inch cola, very little side branching but it's one fuzzy little nightmare to look at... like 5'4 bodybuilder on steriods, looks as wide as he is tall. I'd take another, i'll hold out hope for the clone...
    Thanks. Hope you are right :)
  4. do you have any pics Skunk? Ive been wondering the same thing about cloning autos
  5. You can clone a auto flowering strain, but the clone will finish the same time as the mother...
  6. Yup.

    And - the seeds (if produced) wont automatically be girls.
    They have to be Fem'd first.

  7. Crazy so you get like a gram nug?
  8. I think the most Ive seen pulled is 10g.
    But its usually dank, dank shit like Skunk says.

  9. Awesome been thinkin about gettin a few to play with those new blueberry ones look nice...
  10. Ive had many chances myself
    but have never taken that leap...yet.

  11. Kronny, I guess i could take some pics, the ones i have of my thai and ww are better to look at tho :) winter bud porn and asian bud porn.
    The auto will yield half an ounce wet at most, but it was a unusual high, like being launched into space, but only for an hour, really liked it. The 'only an hour' part is great, makes it very usable and predictable.
    Clone is still hating me however, think i have just what's left in the baggie.
    Might go buy some auto seeds, see what i can find.... maybe.
  12. Well it died. Just thought that I would post it. Auto clones are a PITA.
  13. Sorry SP.

    :( :smoke:

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