Auto buffet grow.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here but I've got quite a bit of experience. So, I'm just gonna run this by you guys, maybe turn it into a grow journal. But anyway:

    1- Big Devil, two weeks from getting chopped down.
    3- Dready Auto Jacks, approximately 25 days old.
    1- Dinafem Auto Haze, also 25-30 days old
    1- Samsara Super Sonic Crystal Storm. Dumb name
    1- Short Stuff Super Cali Haze, just put in soil mix.

    All under a 600w Lumatec Ballast, Hortilux Bulb.. Fox Farm Oceans Forest mixed with lightly in with Roots Organic reg mix. I'll get into more specifics in the GJ if there seems to be an interest in it.

    But my question being has anybody ever grown any of these? I saw a couple random threads about the Super Cali Haze, but it turned male... No good. Oh and what do you think of the mix? Next is some Dutch passion autoMazar, DinaFem Fruit, and I really wanna try that Sour 60 stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to my first official post/rant. So, good day and let me know what ya think. BTW is it safe to post pics from the iPhone? It has that GPS google image BS on it, I guess it can be turned off... Ideas?
  2. Sounds like all you need to do is post some pics brov :wave:

    But dont do it off your iphone, I got one too and I wouldnt dare do it lmao, its just an extra safety precaution just look at it that way. You never know if someone is checkin your moves and shit but thats just me.

    As for your strains, I'd really like to see that Auto Haze and the Super Cali, Im thinking of starting one soon and wanna see what they look like..and btw I dont think ive heard of a good review from dutch passion lol but im pretty new though

    Other then that, fire it up, take some pics (with a camera!) and post away brov :smoke:
  3. The only other camera I have is my old phone. I tried to use my girl's camera and she flipped a bitch on me. So... That's not gonna happen again.

    Here's a tech question: Does anyone know how to strip a picture of information on the Hexidecimal level? If I can scrub my iPhone pics then we'll have ourselves a journal.

    I'm not sure I was ready for these new Mostly Sativa autos and super autos. Normally my autos will flower when they're about 6" tall. The Auto Haze flowered first but @ 9" tall. The Auto Jack scared me I thought it wasn't autoflowering for me. But @ 12" tall and day 28 it showed flowers. They remind me of the Red Diesel I grew about a year ago, truly sativas. At this rate, I may have to construct some method to raise my ceiling to accomodate these trees.

    Now I need pictures... I know. Any tech-oriented sneaky hacker types looking over these boards?
  4. i would just borrow or buy a digital camera rather than use any iphone...the less risk the better...seems like you know what your doing,....Nice equipment and stock you got there
  5. Hey man u still growing these I noticed the super Cali haze? Looks promising:D
  6. what happened to the auto buffet?

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