Auto Bubblicious Week Day 55 flowering Qs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brohan, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. hey there fellow potheads. A few months ago, I made an impulse buy and got a growbox, and am now well into my first grow, auto bublicious. I am very new to growing, and have some questions. Heres some info on my grow. I am using miracle grow indoor organic soil with perlite. I have been watering when the soil gets dry with poland spring distilled water. The plant is on a 18/6 light cycle right now. For lighting, right now I have 3 18W CFL lights. I also have 3 13W solft white flowering lights that i havnt used yet.

    My questions for GC:

    Should I switch over to the 3 13W flowering lights?

    For a long time there were yellow tips on many leaves, i added some nutes and now its just on the bottom leaves....should I be worried?

    Roughly how much longer till harvest?

    Should I keep the 18/6 cycle, or give more dark time?




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  2. I would feel so sorry for you if the feds found that plant and you got a felony for it.... 54 watts... hah.. :rolleyes:

    Edit: But you mine as well put more clfs in or throw it out, aint even worth it bro.
  3. I think that's a male....

    Those look like seed sacs.

  4. And i didnt even open up the pics, but yeah it does look male lol
  5. how do you buy seeds
  6. lol thats a male man!
  7. aka it trash so start over.. buy some feminzed seeds and upgrade the ghetto ass light man!

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